December 12, 2013

How should Emperor Obama have remembered and honored Mandela?

By now we all have seen or heard of the STUPID "Selfee" photo at the Mandela funeral and how Michelle had to move to sit between them as a subtle reminder of why they were in South Africa in the 1st place. Just another example of our Narcisist in Chief being himself not really understanding what the event was really about.

Emperor Obama did a decent job with his eulogy and even resisted using I or me 1000 times as he usually does in his speeches.

But what I missed in his speech was honesty about how Mandela put aside his Marxist Communist economics in favor of Capitalism once he became President in South Africa.  Mandela embraced Marxist Communist economics throughout all of his life until he came into power and recognized the TRUTH that Marxist economics would NEVER bring prosperity to South Africa, so he changed his economic philosophy of 100% government control of the economy to Capitalism as how he could lead his people out of poverty and into economic growth.  This has met with great results for the people of South Africa and is one of the most important legacies of Mandela's leadership and true ability to put the people of his country ahead of self and political ideology.

Too bad Emperor O is so fixated on destroying Capitalism in favor of his own version of Marxist economic redistribution (or economic inequalities as he tries to rephrase it) by stealing from the haves to buy the votes of the have nots instead of recognizing and learning from the example of a great and memorable leader like Mandela.

Although I have no agreement with any of Mandela's communist ideals -I honor and recognize his work in ending Aparthied in South Africa and his tireless quest to make South Africa economically independent and strong thru embracing Capitalism.  It's a tragedy that Emperor O cannot see that his "path to economic growth" is a path to DISASTER and he cannot - unlike Mandela - see the error of his ways and stop doing what he is doing and change his ideology for the benefit of the people of the United States.

Emperor O wants to be remembered long after he is gone as a great leader on a par with Lincoln and Mandela. Unfortunately history will show that he was without a doubt the WORST EVER to live in the White House and his legacy, if he continues, will be that of the man who DESTROYED the US economy and brought down a once proud Independent nation from a powerhouse of economic greatness to a 4th rate Marxist Socialist economy with a majority of people dependent on government handouts instead of being proud of their independence and ability to provide for their families without the government intruding and controlling every aspect of their lives.