December 1, 2013

Freedom of Religion? Not in Racine, WI public schools.

As I look out the window of my home office I can see Jerstead school.  This is an elementary/middle school and apparently the policy there is it is not appropriate for a child to be thankful for God or Jesus.

As a Thanksgiving exercise there an image of a turkey was handed out with fanned feathers and an assignment was given, write on those feathers what you are thankful for.

One child wrote on their feathers I am thankful for God and Jesus.  The Racine Unified School District teacher returned the image having to have the child re-do the assignment as being thankful for God and Jesus was not appropriate.  Not appropriate?!?

Our schools have already taken the separation of church and state concept way too far but this was not a religious message coming from a public school to a child, this was a child expressing what they individually were thankful for.  It is completely outrageous for this school to reject that child's constitutional right to practice and express their religion freely.

If a Muslim child had professed a thankfulness for Allah and or the prophet Mohammed do you think that would have been deemed inappropriate?  I highly doubt it, I absolutely guarantee it.  In fact if that had happened it would be a national story and the entire Muslim world would be declaring Jihad on Racine Unified Schools.

This story of a Christian child has been mentioned nowhere but on this blog and only here because I heard it from someone who has first hand knowledge of it this morning. 

This is completely outrageous.  Our tax payer funded public schools are so invested into their narrow anti-God view that they are squashing the free right of speech, expression and the freedom to profess your faith as being "inappropriate". 

It would appear they have read Animal Farm and decided some Constitution rights are more equal than others.