September 12, 2013

0bama support down to 38% of all adults...

11 September 2013 According to the latest poll from 'The Economist' 0bama's support is down to 38% among all adults.

Here's a link to the actual report

September 10, 2013

Why stop at Watertown? Michelle O. should visit Egg Harbor to promote eggs

"Drink more water" is the message of Michelle Obama in coming to Watertown, WI this week. But man, woman and child do not live by water alone. So, here is a suggested 3-meal trip (on tax payer dollars) for the First Lady to promote a balanced diet nationwide!


Egg Harbor, WI

Orange, CA

Hot Coffee, MS

Toast, NC


Sandwich, MA

Tea, SD
Popcorn, IN
Turkeytown, AL

Cape Cod, MA

(She may visit all three to promote healthy entrĂ©e selections)
Lima, OH (for a healthy bean side dish)
Note: since few cities/towns in the U.S. have vegetable names Michelle Obama may have to pop over to the UK to Leek, Staffordshire for leek soup.
Due to their unhealthy names no way will Mrs. O. visit the following places to promote the associated foods (at least, this will save some tax dollars):
Bacon Flat, OH (sorry, Fred)
Burnt Corn, AL

Gnaw Bone, IN

Sugar Creek, OH
Pie Town, NM