August 10, 2013

Support individual freedom by supporting Rep. Thiesfeldt's "smart meter" OPT OUT bill - ASAP

 "…AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin must make the usage of smart meters, electrical, gas, and water optional, and provide for an opt out of the smart meter program at no additional cost."
---Republican Party of Wisconsin 2013 State Convention Resolutions as Adopted
2013-7 – Energy and Natural Resources Policy

Whether or not you have researched or even care what your "smart" or automated meter reading utility meters do, please consider supporting the proposed OPT OUT option for those who have researched the issue and desire a different meter due to information they find and convictions they hold.

LRB 0644/4 sponsored by Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt allows customers statewide to opt out if they "object" to the automated, transmitting meter. It is a 4th amendment-based bill, but home security and health issues may be indirectly helped by such a bill.

Don't worry, no one is going to make happy smart meter customers "pay" for others to have other options. The bill includes tariff measures for opt out customers. But maybe the question should be will opt outers still have to pay for the money drain of the more complicated automated meters with all their updates, software and support? (This is not addressed in the proposed bill.)

Madison Water Utility and a handful of other utilities in the state allow customers to have non-transmitting types of meters. But other utilities, including WE-Energies, Xcel Energy, Alliant Energy, Wisconsin Public Service, Baraboo City Water Utility and more refuse to allow any opt outs. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin only enforces state laws, they say, apparently not having the power to make any exceptions for utility monopoly customers who request safer meter options.

If you care about supporting people's freedom to control their home environment and security via "smart" meter opt outs please call your lawmakers ASAP and ask that they co-sponsor Rep. Thiesfeldt's groundbreaking bill. Fifteen other states allow residents to opt out of these risky meters. Let's make Wisconsin the sixteenth.