July 19, 2013

The Emperor sticks it to us -- Again!!

 "I decree that all shall be tested for HIV!!"

While we were busy with all the government scandals and the Zimmerman trial the Emperor is sticking it to us again - literally!!  Via Executive order - tied to Obamacare rules being developed - he has decreed that all of us are to be tested for HIV.  Under the sham of protecting the health of the population, the Emperor is deciding what is best for us again, since we are all to stupid to understand how caring, wise and wonderful he is. It's obvious that the Emperor believes we are to stupid to avoid choosing to be involved in actions that spread the disease.

It does not matter that a majority of the population does not choose to be involved in activities that spread the disease. This is another "sloppy wet kiss" (pun intended) to the Homosexual Lobby in another attempt to placate the big time activists who want us to accept that the reason they have the disease is because they were "born that way" instead of the truth that they have CHOSEN a lifestyle that spreads a deadly disease.

What ever happened to the Emperor's support of "it's my body, so leave it alone" that is soooo rabidly shouted when we try to defend the life of unborn children by limiting abortion?  Apparently that logic is only available in the defense of killing unborn children and not to be used for this intrusion into an area that he has no business intruding into!

This executive order MUST be overruled by the congress.  Call and write your Representatives and Senators and DEMAND they stop this insanity!!

July 15, 2013