June 6, 2013

More LUNACY from the Politically Correct crowd

Army Punishes Soldier who Served Chick-Fil-A

Under any other administration I'd say UN-Believable!!!  but not with the tone the Emperor has set from the top and obviously has dictated down into the military command structure.

We have an all volunteer military - soon we will have an all volunteer "politically correct" military without anyone with positive moral values serving.  The stage is set for those with positive moral values to stop volunteering.  I'm sure the Emperor would say "we don't need them anyway - no big deal - I'm making great progress on my goal of ruining the economy and the military at the same time."

June 3, 2013

MRQ it involves drinking.


Three idiots standing Wigdy

Cheeky Bussorah

bring the other down Dan

amused by stuff Trog

a woman scorned Sam

The time may now have come for a female Doctor.  Kevin

the morale improved Elliot

need warm bodies Kate


it involves drinking Pierre  (Doesn't it always?)

gives me chills Chad

cheese in her coffee Kate

I broke my vintage Bridget


#homerdenied Pete

beer & food Franf

you ruined everything Carrie (Well Charlie)

The Hooters Jim

in a scrape J

I'm old. Woof.  Sara