May 24, 2013

 When asked about Terrorist attacks on his watch, Benghazi, AP & the IRS  -- the Emperor says:

What did he promise during his first term in the White House?

"The most transparent, accountable, honest administration in the history of the USA".  This is what we are expected to believe about someone who has been described by his supporters as the "greatest President ever"?!!    How's he doin?  What do ya think?

I'm not sure what's in the Kool-Aide he is serving to his supporters, but it is robbing them of all semblance of sanity.

May 20, 2013

MRQ made me chuckle


made me chuckle Steve

Jail to the Chief Kate

Done Owen

my retirement Cindy

what they didn't do.  Elliot

a singularly mean spirited and hateful public persona Shark

being served Kevin

taking off. Sam

lack of concern for extraneous casualties  Trog



I never learned Franf

hate to give it up Cindy

one big Mississippi family Jim

enjoying life Chad

celebrate with bourbon Pierre

really this stupid Kate

wearing a hat Dipster

waste your time Penny

200MPH BACON!!!!! Ric

nobody was there to see Dan

#laidback #thuglife  Christian

Believing Barack Obama means....

Roland puts an awesome list of reminders together.

May 19, 2013

The news in Haikus

Hey Madison schools
Where did all the money go?
Its for the children

Sad, the thrill is gone
Tingles must be a racist
To question the one.

Resigning in June
No! You are fired, FIRED!
You can stay through June

Obama seems sad
Scandals are coming to light
The Bulls lost in five

Walker in '16?
Much speculation abounds
Too soon in my view