May 15, 2013

Leaders Accept Responsibility....

The White House is embroiled in multiple scandals and what do we hear from the POTUS?

I didn't know anything about ___________.   Some low-level twit acted inappropriately...  This is nothing but politics...  There is nothing here.........

Does this sound like a leader?  Ummmm no, it doesn't.

This President is nothing but a Chicago thug politician.

He promised the most open transparent ethical administration ever and he has given us the exact opposite of that.

The news in Haikus

He didn’t do it
Jay Carney said he didn’t
Good enough for O

We’ll look into it
A special prosecutor?
Hey, Merry Fitzmas.

The lemming media
Turned a blind eye for five years
Tap them and they care

Prius in slow lane
Coexist bumper sticker
Don’t eat meat, Hate Bush

A Tommy Trolly
Someone else should pay for it.
Hello Waukesha

The ballad of Ax
Here’s the wind-up and the pitch
Home run Brewers lose

May 13, 2013

So what is going on today?

Obama's I.R.S. is targeting political opponents...

Obama's Justice Department is spying on the Associated Press...

Obama's H.H.S. department is shaking down companies involved with his health care plan...

Obama's State Department's lies about the deaths of four Americans are coming unraveled....

Obama himself is off doing political fund raisers....

Hello, media?!?  Time to admit you blew it on this guy and do your jobs.

MRQ Evil. I'm sure.


slimed all over my friggin’ donut.  Trog

break the rules Wigs

a bunch of idiots with crack addled minds.  Dan

I don't think Cindy

blissful ignorance Kevin

move along Dad29

6 protesters and a dog  Charlie

I could give a flying flip. Kate (We know)

a total lie Patrick


Hiieeeeeee---arrrrf! Dipster

O...M...G!!!  CFR

but.....squid  Franf

I like him  Chad

got a birdie Peter

recall "PUTRID" Ric

Evil. I'm sure.  Pete

make my face leak Carrie

0% American Tom

nice to see you Penny

the reason she drinks Pierre

worth your five minutes.  Sammy

almost came Carrie

always sloppy Kelly

Blah blah blah  Sean

The news in Haikus

Nixon was impeached
He thought he'd send the tax man
Obama did it.

Hello AP news.
Yes, this is anonymous.
Eric, look at this.

Blood is on her hands
Don't worry we'll protect you
Hillary '16!

Gimme Gimme more
Gimme Gimme Gimme more
Gimme Gimme NEXT!

J.T., J.B., Hi!
Where is Jay-Z n J-Lo?
What?!? I blame Limbaugh.

No, Obama can't have it.
Carney get your own.

What?!? Four times a week!!!
Why should I have to job hunt?
Just give me my check!