May 10, 2013

Muslim Cleric Condemns Dead Navy Seals at their Funeral

 This goes WAY beyond political correctness gone crazy!!!

We are supposed to believe that Emperor O is a Christian (according to his own statements) yet his Ultra Progressive Marxist core cannot bring him to recognize when things are going too far.  As a result of the "leadership" coming from the White House, the military has recently begun an all out assault on the freedoms of Christians serving in the military while encouraging ridiculous levels of "tolerance" toward the Muslim religion.  Thus they bring this Muslim Cleric to the funeral of brave Navy Seals who were serving our country to keep us free and he proceeds to condemn them for not being Muslim.

This is just another example of how hypocritical the Emperor is concerning freedom of religion in the US.  His definition of freedom and tolerance is we must tolerate all religious beliefs EXCEPT Christianity, and force tolerance toward Muslims down everyone's throat regardless of the FACT that a significant portion of Muslims are RADICAL MUSLIMS and they want nothing else but TOTAL elimination of anyone who is not willing to convert to their perverted version of their religion.

I know, I know - there are any number of Muslim believers who are NOT radicalized, and I am NOT saying that all Muslims are radical.  However, do we hear the non-radical Muslims standing up and calling out Clerics like this one?  No - and why not?  Because they are afraid of the Radical element in their religion who would like no better than to wipe them out as well so that only the radicals are left.

May 8, 2013

When science and big data come after the bacon...

Do not stand down when the ruling elite feeds its specially selected "cuts" of science to the ravenous Big Data system in order to take a huge byte out of your bacon rations. This is not only literal, but a symbolic affront, since historically, bacon represents one's own body and livelihood by extension. The salty slabs are ours, not theirs, so food police, shuut uuup.

Besides, the Constitution protects our pursuit of porkbellies, where we bolt down the bacon, relish our rasher, polish off our pancetta with playful abandon, and thank the good Lord for this small earthly pleasure.

Just leave Google's longevity-bio-techie Ray Kurzweil in the dust (or the freezer) and turn to the sizzle and crisping of bacon in the pan, mmmmmmmhh. This daily meditation for some seems to ensure they reach one-hundred-and-five.

May 6, 2013

If you wanna be a warmer...

You have to believe this big glowing sphere has nothing to do with global warming.....

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