April 19, 2013

Well done...

Well done Boston Police, Fire, Military aid and citizenry.

You are all a class act.

April 16, 2013

MRQ a sign you're a dope


water under the bridge.  Wigdy

attacked by an angry prostitute  Dan

I might glance Trog

fuming on every format imaginable.   Kevin

at my computer in my underwear  Steve

you'd be angry Jib

a lying idiot Owen

do I take him out?  Patrick

tweeting for peace Kate


Made me spit CFR

I would have thought it would be much smaller  Kate

stupid beer Franf   (BLASPHEMER!)

a little sensitive Chad

where I am Pierre

it's all woohoo! Cindy

my big ass Carrie

toilet humor Pete

into a ball Dipity Doo

a sign you're a dope Jim

get a free prostate exam  Jace

drunk liking  WebWit

hair color control Steve

tang to make Sean  (People still drink that stuff?)

April 15, 2013

Random Quotes.

Monday Random Quotes was ready to publish.

Given the events in Boston I'll delay that post until tomorrow.

I will give you this Random Quote from Jessica McBride.

what is wrong with people?!  Jessica  

Very Good Question.

Evil strikes us again.

I haven't the words.  This is absolutely senseless.

Pray for our country.

April 14, 2013

Gosnell’s American Auschwitz

A chilling report from my friend Jeff Blanco

Don't Shoot, a program that could actually help.

As usual, the knuckleheads in Washington are trying to push new laws to supposedly curb gun violence.  Their approach is nothing but pushing a liberal anti-gun agenda.  They are exploiting and parading the parents of slain children around as a means to reduce the types of guns law abiding citizens can own.

This may come as a shock to you but shooting people with any kind of weapon is indeed already illegal.  (Seriously, you need to trust me on this one)

These new laws will do precisely NOTHING to curb gun violence.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, seven people were shot there last night... 

There are already plenty of gun laws on the books, quite often they are simply ignored or plea-bargained away.  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is one of the few people around here to actually call out the judiciary and their role in the revolving door justice system.

A couple of hours south of Chicago is my hometown of Peoria, Illinois.  They were having an issue with guns and gang violence there and here is what they did to curb it.

The authorities got together and cooperated: the police, district attorneys, the FBI, ATF, gang task forces, etc.  The authorities called in the trouble makers (they know who they are) with their mothers in tow and laid down the law.  In short they were told the violence ends now and if it doesn't we are going to do everything in our power to put you away for a very-very long time.  They called the program Don't Shoot.

As you might expect it didn't take long to find a couple of less than ideal citizens who did not heed the warning.  Law enforcement did exactly what they promised they would do, they all cooperated and threw everything they could at these less than ideal members of society.

When miscreants finally figured out that they would not be treated with kid gloves in the criminal justice system things finally started to improve.

In short, they reintroduced fear into a system that the criminals saw as a revolving door joke where they could get away with anything and have little to nothing happen to them.  The gangs owned the streets of Peoria but thanks to the Don't Shoot program the good citizens of Peoria have taken their streets back and gun violence is down, way down.

They could use a dose of Don't Shoot in Chicago, Milwaukee and many other cities.

Peoria authorities didn't need any new laws to curb gun violence.  Instead the communicated with the bad guys, applied the laws we already have and used a bit of cooperation among all concerned.

What we have here is a common sense approach that worked.  It could be replicated again and again across this country.

But instead we have the old Rahm Emanuel mantra of "never waste a crisis" as an opportunity to further the liberal agenda.  The powers that be have more interest in furthering their agenda than actually fixing the problem.  In fact, as usual the liberal assault on the 2nd Amendment is doing nothing but increasing gun sales.  Only in politics could an attempt to lessen the number of guns in society actually fuel an increase in private gun ownership.

We need more common sense efforts like Don't Shoot, and less idiocy from the political machine in DC and statehouses across the country.

(Here is some background on Don't Shoot from USA Today)

This is a robbery...

Ooooooo except this old iPhone we don't want that.