April 8, 2013

MRQ Fred wouldn't dare


laugh yourself off your chair Wigdy

on the hook Dan

gaze adoringly at clowns Trog

going down Kevin

good swimmers.  GolfingGrandpa

arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable Elliot

Lie about the facts Roland

needs to be taught some manners  Kate


Fred wouldn't dare.  CFR

know about MGQ™  WebWit

make dirty Pierre 

now a meme.  Sean

old dudes in wigs.  Kate

stupid things pierced into your face Patrick

A pint for a pint Wigdy

nothing compared to this  Franf 

Cut the crap Jim

union humping Dipster

in a poke Tammy

click-hide, click-hide, click-hide Pete

had to turn Beep over Amy

larger than they are Carrie

soaking in lime juice Cindy