April 6, 2013

Kelly Gallaher, lying again...

Well, it's another day, and another lying "anonymous" blog post by Kelly Gallaher over at the rootriversiren.blogspot.com.  She never lets the truth get in the way of her Alinkskyite personal attacks, and today is no exception.

Her topic today was the recent decision by the Racine City Council to allow council members, but not citizens with concealed carry permits, to carry concealed weapons in city hall.  Yes, I spoke during the open comment period - and my point was not that the council should allow concealed carry, but rather that they should maintain a consistent set of standards: either nobody carries, or anyone with a permit carries.

As far as which they choose, I have no particular opinion - only that they not place themselves above the law, and vote themselves privileges they are unwilling to bestow upon the people they represent.  That was my point.  In typical lying Kelly fashion, however, she chose to portray me as a "gun nut" complete with a picture she found on facebook of me, shooting a borrowed rifle, at a social event at a local shooting range.

A skill which I learned, by the way, while serving my country, preserving the rights of moronic little skanks like Kelly Gallaher to hide in their basements and write their little ad hominem attack filled blogs.  You're welcome.

April 5, 2013

Another example of Liberal PC (Political Correctness) gone crazy!!

This is almost too crazy to be true, but it is true.  Now in Phoenix lifeguards at public pools won't have to be "good swimmers". 

So instead of just someone in the pool drowning the lifeguard could drown too.  These Phoenix city officials are idiots!!

April 3, 2013

Thanks for the Welcome!

I should let you know that I am in no way affiliated with any unions.  I walk the streets and listen
to stories of interest just like many of you do.

As to the Jeff Warg story - the unions are known to give money to candidates that they support, duh!

Yes, I did miss Tony Evers, Superintendent of Public Schools because very people know who their legislators are do you really think they know who Tony is?  This voter is very glad he is still in place and fighting for the money our schools desperately need.  Schools are for a different day.

And I am glad you brought up Pat because it shows you are an independent voter and thinker!

Congratulations! There are very few free thinkers that visit this website, but we hope to change that now don't we?

I ran into Fred a few weeks ago and we got talking about where he wanted this blogger page to go and so here I am. He is busy learning his new job. Congratulations to Fred!

I have a love for the truth and no deception when it comes to our city's government.  I will say it how it appears so let us start with the Dickert Times.  Keep your subscription for puppy training and feed your dog with the .99 they want for their internet subscriptions!

I wonder if they are listening in Racine?

Somehow I think they will fail to learn anything from this.


Racine Exceed Tax Limit

100% reporting
NameVotesVote %
No 5,74577%

Yes 1,73623%

Ethics in Racine?

According to several sources there have been ethic violations sited against Ron Hart, Mary Wyant, Mary Ostergaard, and Mayor John Dickert regarding Car 25. 
It felt good seeing people stand up for what they believe to be an injustice.
Michael Shields fought hard to get Car 25 on the air as a Public Broadcasting Station.
The new company in Kenosha has never produced anything on PBS. So the question of the day is what is to become of Car 25?  This is the people's station and they should be fighting for their rights for this station to air unedited versions of common council meetings.  Why can't we hire locally?
And why was there a camera in the Car 25 production studio that was directly linked to the mayor's office?  Afraid of something Mayor?  If you don't bug everyone's office this is a form of harrassment. When will you wise up so that the taxpayers can stop paying for your incredible stupidity?
Why would Alderman Ron Hart walk into the Car 25 office and ask an employee, "Why are you still here when we have been working with another company since last summer?"
This sounds like there may have been a little bid rigging going on and Alderman Hart stuck is big foot right into the middle of what you were not suppose to know.
There are too many people sitting on the common council.  Just Sitting.
People like George Meyers, Ken Yorgan, and Jim Spodick are not Just Sitting and they aren't even elected.  Is it time to help them take Car 25 back?  Is it time to make bidding fair and unbiased again?
You are the only ones who can decide.  George Meyers phone number is in the book - give him a call!

April 2, 2013

Election Winners and Losers

It is tough to wake up on Wednesday morning a campaign loser.
Sometimes those who win are the right people for the job.  Diehl ran on the correct platform. Now let's see if he can stay out of the corruption and vote for those he represents.
It is those who are the wrong winners that we all have to worry about.
Beautification of the city is probably the last thing on resident's minds when unemployment hit over 7% again.  Who will she sit in the park with and discuss all her business with after Mozol's demise?
Leave it to the JT that they can't just announce election results, but have to bring up people's personal struggles.
Jeff Warg walked into a Union House looking for support and his first suggestion was outsourcing a Union Department.  Not too smart.  Better luck next time!  When looking for money and an endorsement outsourcing the bank isn't a real good idea.
Keeping the lights on should be pretty high on people's priority lists.  Good for the citizens for re-electing Michael Shields - he will keep the lights on!
Transparency is the right message since there are more lawsuits going on under this mayor than any other in Racine's history, with more to come.  What a foolish waste of money, just for someone's ego and the ability to say I got you!
It looks like the raw end in this election will be Gateway Technical College.  Taxpayers couldn't ante up $20 a year for law enforcement?  You want them trained, you want them to put their lives on the line, and you want them there when you want them, but you can't ante of a mere $20 per year.  This is the mistake all of Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth Counties will have to live with for a very long time.  The revenue alone to our county from all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and afar would have paid for this.  Law Enforcement Officers need ongoing training and our counties had the perfect opportunity to secure this training, at guess what - we probably would have been more safe with more officers in our communities.
Mount Pleasant has made the right decision, Mark has worked hard cleaning up other areas of dysfunction and will do a fine job.  He has to lead the hunt for an outsider, as the new Administrator.  New eyes on old problems works the best.  Well, Kelly, one day she will learn that listening works best, not everyone likes to hear a 30 minute dissertation on every subject. Best advice - listen more than you speak.
These were the highlights of the spring elections of 2013.  Put the campaigns to rest and those of you who were elected get out there and do what you promised.  Because there is always another election.

Seriously Right Wisconsin?

On Right Wisconsin Friday...

Free Brewers Tickets for Voting in Racine?

On Right Wisconsin Today....

On FridayRightWisconsin first broke the news that the sudden, last minute giveaway was scheduled for a polling location and that a candidate on the ballot also serves on the Parks and Rec board.

Did you really break that first?

We had it here Almost two hours earlier...

These bastards don't even bother to hide it anymore...

Lookie what the City of Racine is giving away free at the Martin Luther King Center on Tuesday!

On Tuesday.  Election Day.  At a polling place.

Anything to drive turnout in a majority democrat ward.

Parks Dept. giving out free Brewers tickets Tuesday

March 29, 2013 2:39 pm  • 
I know you are all excited and everything about your new website but should you be claiming you had it first when at best you had it third?

April 1, 2013

Baraboo? Seioursly?

So I was reading this month's Smithsonian magazine, (Okay go ahead have your jokes about the conservative cave-man reading Smithsonian...)  They have an article this month about the 20 best U.S. small towns to visit.

In order we have:

1. Gettysburg, PA - All kinds of history there..
2. Cleveland, MS - "Where the blues live on in glory, baseball is beloved and the peach cobler is to die for."
3. St. Augustine, FL - This one makes total sense, if you have never been there go, an amazing town.

And the fourth small city Smithsonian lists to visit is, Baraboo, WI.  They mentions lots about the circus history, cranes and wildlife but somehow the completely failed to mention The Troglopundit (or the Norman Rockwell Museum).

How can you have an article in a national publication about, of all places, Baraboo and not mention The Troglopundit?

I mean when you think about it shouldn't Baraboo be first instead of fourth?  I mean Gettysburg has all that civil war history but Baraboo has circus wagons and a seven foot tall sarcastic blogger who's name was inspired by a Monday Random Quote of his own creation.

To finish out the top ten they listed: Astoria, Or., Petoskey, MI, Fairfield, Ia., Los Alamos, NM., Sitka, Ak., and Provincetown, MA.

MRQ wildly off topic


the Pester Over The Sequester!  Brian

wildly off topic Wigdy

a couple of Obama vacations Dan

need more of it.  Amy

utter disdain mixed generously with embarrassment  Trog

Why do "scientists" need to hide  Lumberjack

went away to buy guns Steve

two months late Owen


buy donuts.  Dipster

more deadly Franf

a bit crazy Gail Ann

I feel used Cindy

I looked goooood  WebWit

moo moos Bridget

be desired Pierre

off the record Carrie

she IS a bitch.  CFR

we should talk Sean

Have a nice day Pete

obsessive zombie-worship  Gravelle

clue me in Chad

sitting on tacks Sam

Wisconsin April Election Primer....

If you want an unethical lying inexperienced liberal Justice who will rule based on ideology rather than the actual law, Ed Fallone is your guy.

If you would like an experienced ethical Jurist with bi-partisan support who will respect the actual law instead of trying to make it up based on her political view, Pat Roggensack should be your choice.

Racine school board, Wittke & Eperjesy
Gateway Referendum, NO! 
Other area candidates of note, Edward Diehl, Eddie Willing and J. Nicole Servantez

Milwaukee, Vote for Judge Rebecca Bradley!
 Ozaukee County, remove the horrible Judge Wolfgram in favor of Joseph Voiland.
 Waukesha, ask Wigdy.