March 22, 2013

Fire them or not?

Better than 100,000 federal employees are behind on their federal taxes, should they be allowed to keep their positions?

New blood...

I am proud to announce a new contributor to RDW, Penny Sharp.

Penny is a member of the left side of the aisle.  Penny and I have done business together in the past and have come to be friends and respect each others views.

She'll post from a completely different perspective and I welcome it.

As with all my contributors Penny is welcome to publish what she wants when she wants without edit from me.

I expect Penny to be treated with respect and not belittled in any way.  Out of bounds comments will be removed.  I've always welcomed both sides here what I do not welcome is a complete lack of civility.  It is for this reason that people from both sides of the aisle have been asked to no longer participate in the past.  Nothing has changed.

Welcome aboard Penny.

March 18, 2013

MRQ lucky charms


I'd be ashamed!  Wigdy

smelly tourists Dan

who, what, when, where, and why. Cindy

extra chocolate bunnies Trog

a woman in a compromised position Kevin

snoring under their desks   Owen

making it hurt.  Kate


Aaaeeeeeyyyy  Pierre

before I blow Dipster

killing me Chad

I want some CFR

it was a gimmick Franf

I have a good recipe Patrick

butt fumbles Steve

throw the ball Bridget

be my replacement Pete

in a coma J

in need of a TimberVention.  Carrie

required another beer Cindy

to the Bus Stop Ric

lucky charms Brother Jim

just do it.  My Brother from another Mother Jim

My husband is bi  Holly

love that extra D Tom

Mmmmm Beefy Sean.

silently cruising Keith