March 14, 2013

Apply ASAP to FDA

The U.S. needs up-to-date radiation emergency policy in place for potential terrorism/acts of war on our soil, protective standards for medical equipment using radiation, and for radon abatement. A newly created federal position being listed for non-profit or business applicants will do that and more. See the job notice at the Federal Register:
2013 Assuring Radiation Protection
To better understand the plans and structure of this new government position that taxpayers are paying for, here are a few quotes from the job notice and questions:
(1) “Examples of relevant areas already identified to be of interest include, but are not limited to: The application of x-rays to the healing arts; (2) the application of non-medical ionizing radiation and medical/non-medical non-ionizing radiation; and (3) the control and mitigation of radiation exposure from all sources.”
Question: Non-ionizing radiation is supposed to be harmless and current FCC limits only regulate and limit devices emitting microwave heating levels of radiofrequency. So, what current or future application(s) of non-medical non-ionizing radiation would be considered a radiation hazard? What kinds of scenarios are envisioned?
(2) “This (work) shall include collaboration with the Federal Agencies, in accordance with Federal statutes and regulations that are providing access to rules that are still under development to enable the recipient to initiate timely development or revisions in parallel.”
Question: What rules are still being written? Do they somehow relate to ObamaCare (since those rules are currently being pumped out?)
(3) “The recommendations of the committees are evaluated by a central management board and final recommended actions are relayed to the appropriate Federal and State Agencies and Tribal organizations.”
Question: What/who is the central management board, and its function/role?
At any rate, get your application to the FDA ASAP for this interesting $400,000/year position, courtesy U.S. taxpayers.

March 13, 2013

"The Devil really is in the Details"

Remember when Princess Pelosi told us we had to pass OBAMACARE to see what was in it?  We are just now beginning to see those details.  Check out this link to see what 20,000 pages of details looks like - anyone think they can figure out what's in it? and their just getting started - there's more to come!! The nightmare has just begun.  We MUST continue to pressure for repeal and replacement of OBAMACARE before it puts our health care into the Dark Ages!!

But... But... Election Fraud Is A Myth! (This is not a repeat)

Democrats told me so too...

March 11, 2013

MRQ humming WIlliam Tell


To bed without supper.  Wigdy

do as I say Dan

a bash for Her Highness!  Cindy

lying in ruins Trog

he’s not “that great.” Kevin (Oh really, can you play the banjo?)

I wanted this Elliot

don't know anything Kate


the Badger's bad side Patrick

just confuse me Michael

no other pressing issues CFR

NOOooOOoOOooOoooOOOoooo! Dipster

Get off of our lawn WebWit

humming William Tell Pierre

on the bangers Sean

we love this Pete

making out with a guy in a stall Peter

being cute Carrie

gone to the Dark Side Chad

wasted  Holly

stinky butt  Tammy