March 4, 2013

MRQ a banana suit


never had a problem with using inflammatory rhetoric Wigdy

the iconic brass pole.  Dan

I bump hips Cindy

a banana suit Trog

a pompous jackass  Kevin

Kissy was just her name.  Lumberjack

under your bed.  Ric

pretty high Elliot

pretty powerful Kate


I heart Bridget CFR

combat gnomes. Bridget

pelvic girth Tom

inbreeding coefficient  Pierre

Who's buying  Sean

Taking a drink Penny

a severe addiction Heather

6 more inches Cindy

So excited for tonight. Dipster

start watching Franf

priorities Kate

I don't want to hear ANY bitching  Pete  (Shut down the internet)

smooth talking ways Carrie 

"like" every one Chad 

it was your idea Jim

Chris hung Web Wit