March 2, 2013

Yeah but the why did he have a legal defense fund?

I keep seeing left wing lunatics asking why Governor Walker needed to spend money on a defense fund if he was innocent?


The entire left wing assault machine is out to get him for the crime of beating them like a rented mule. Sometimes you have legal expenses to protect your good name from the slime machine that is out to get you...

So to answer the question why did he have to defend himself? Because the left does not believe in the simple American concept of innocence until proven guilty. In fact even though Governor Walker has had a MASSIVE investigation into his every move that found nothing these same leftists still believe him guilty.

They even neglect the fact that Walker himself asked for this investigation when his Chief of Staff discovered missing money. The partisan DA's office full of petition signing Walker haters expanded this investigation and still found nothing.

And people wonder why I call them the hate left? Because they are fueled by hate and have lost any sense at all of ethics.

February 25, 2013

MRQ a sample of Metamucil


I would buy Wigdy  (That would be a first)

often proves fatal Bussorah

dope smoking Dan

chocolate chip chocolate cream cheese muffins Cindy

I'll give you a nickel.  Trog (Gee thanks)

rather frightening to think Kevin (yes it is... this is also why (D)s are never frightened)

expect more male pattern baldness Lumberjack (too late)

seem to make up Elliot

dude is a freakin’ LIAR!  'Ol Broad


a sample of Metamucil Pete

thinking about thinking Dipster

almost looks as bad as it does WebWit

needs to get in gear  Franf

to gloat at their misery Bridget

yes I am CFR

this is you Chad

a total jerk Pierre

scraped my knee Holly

In a trance Patrick

a pathological liar Jim