January 11, 2013

RUSD School Board candidates who signed the Gov Recalls

For a list of who did  and who didn't support the Gov's Act 10 reforms see the breakdown HERE

Aldermanic Candidates Who Signed the Recall

Today I posted a list of the Aldemanic candidates who signed the Wangaard and Walker recalls.

For those who wish to support one candidate or challenge a candidate based on this information. It should be helpful:

Read the Story HERE

January 7, 2013

2013 Predictions from Drinking Right.

These are the predictions collected at the annual Drinking Right Christmas Party / New Years Extravaganza.  As always we'll look back at these again to check for accuracy. 

Mad thanks to Chris & Alex for their help in collecting these.

Real NFL refs blow a call, Packers are screwed.  Aaron

Gas $7 a gallon.  Bush's fault.  Aaron

Patrick Dorwin will continue to lose so much weight he will change the name of his site to the ferret blogger.  Fraley

Herb Kohl will not run for Governor.  At least one Milwaukee area state legislator will leave office unexpectedly.  Sam

The Dow will exceed 14,000 before plummeting below 11,000 at some point this year.  The media will blame the GOP.  Fraley

Boehner will cave three more times before the year ends.  Cindy

US credit rating will be downgraded again.  Packers win the Superbowl.  US Economy will enter another recession.  James K

Obama will do nothing of note to further the recovery of America's economy.  Alex K.

The sun will rise in the east most days.... Justice Pat Rogensak easily wins re-election.

Pain!  Seriously, national pubbies sign on to an actual tax hike.  WI Pubbies pass an income tax cut after Senate rats flee to Illinois (again).  He is the Egg-Man.

Obama nominates Eric Holder to a position on the Supreme Court.  Fred.

Fleet Farm will merge with Farm & Fleet.  Tom Mc.

MRQ ain't this funny.


The best part Dispter

I don't think Cindy

Utter contempt for human life  Amy

All I had to do was suck up.  Trog

much larger Dan

ain't this funny Scoff

never read the book.  Dean


burst out laughing Stacey

Go get one of those hand jobs Web Wit

*poke* me  Tammy

give into the want Cindy

be giddy  Franf

seems....horrible Chad

addicted to the elliptical Gravelle

Hit it.  CFR

The stuff arrived today.  Pete

a great time  Patrick

shortened by one.  Carrie