August 29, 2013

IRS approves tax exempt status to Muslim Brotherhood Front

And now for a political oriented rant.

It has been revealed that Lois "I plead the 5th" Lerner approved on the fast track in only a months time the tax exempt request of Emperor Obama's half brother Malik Obama.  The Barack H. Obama Foundation tax exemption was approved by Lerner in record time in 2011, and Lerner also made it retroactive back a couple years as cover for the time when Malik was operating illegally as a tax exempt organization!!

Why has the IRS allowed this treasonous (yes treasonous because she is aiding a radical arm of the Muslim Brotherhood through her actions) activity by one of their high ranking officials?  How could the Emperor not know of this?  Why hasn't Holder done something about this?

Silly me - I forgot for a moment - Only conservative groups who want tax exemptions are to be subjected to intense and unending scrutiny by our IRS officials.  Tea Party groups (who filed requests before Malik but are still waiting - some for over 3 years!) are the real terrorists in the mind of true Marxist Progressives like Lerner. 

Will we see anything come of this?  Not while the Emperor's regime is still in the White House.  That totally transparent and fully accountable set of "leaders" who we stupidly let stay there.  Want more of the same?  Then put another Marxist Progressive in the White House in 2016 and most of you know her name already.  Mrs. "what difference does it make?" head of the Benghazi coverup and "Slick Willy" "I never had sex" himself as first husband! 

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