June 12, 2013

If you decide to debate Ryan on immigration, would you please ask him..

Paul Ryan: ‘I will debate anybody’ who says immigration bill is ‘amnesty’

If one of you accepts the challenge to debate Sen. Ryan, please ask him if they plan to secure the border before starting the path to citizenship for people already here illegally. Follow it up with how it will be done, especially since grannies and cousins will want to come on over ASAP to get on this friendly new pathway.

Ask him when do the budding citizens get to vote as Americans in the legalization process he supports?

Question how he knows people will come forward when they are used to living here illegally. Ask why would they want to follow the new law, especially with fines, background checks and long waits to become legalized citizens?

Read him the definition of the word amnesty. Ask him how failing to enforce existing immigration laws does not involve a "pardon" or "suspend the law" or end "fear of prosecution" and justice.

1. a general pardon, esp for offences against a government
2. a period during which a law is suspended to allow offenders to admit their crime without fear of prosecution
3. law  a pardon granted by the Crown or Executive and effected by statute

Close by asking him why American citizens should try to follow the laws of the land when non-citizens are babied. After all, don't citizens deserve the same kind of consideration and new ways to bypass normal punishment for making an honest mistake here and there out of some kind of desperation? Well, don't we?


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