May 31, 2013

Remembering Pvt. William Andrew Long - Murdered by Radical Islamist on June 1, 2009

Where were you on June 1, 2009? 

My Nephew - Pvt. William Andrew "Andy" Long was in front of the Little Rock, Arkansas Army Recruiting Center with his friend Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula taking a smoke break from helping out at the center while waiting for final orders to ship out to Korea for duty.  His Mother (my sister) was sitting in the parking lot in her car reading while waiting for Andy to complete the day of helping and take him home for a nice evening meal.  Suddenly she heard shots ring out behind her. 
Those were the shots that killed her son Andy and severely wounded Ezeagwula. 

An American who had converted to become a Radical Islamist Terrorist had decided to take revenge on the US by murdering American soldiers.  A blatant and premeditated ACT OF TERRORISM had succesfully taken place on US soil!  Andy gave has "his last full measure of devotion" to his country while in uniform.  What has our Commander in Chief done about it?  He has chosen to ignore the truth and classify it as not a terrorist attack but as "Drive By Shooting".  The net affect of his actions has denied both of these patriots the Purple Heart and proper recognition they deserve from their country.  Every attempt by our family, legislators in Arkansas and many others have continued to be pushed aside by the government.  A government they both pledged to serve and protect from enemies both foreign and domestic.  The terrorist continues to say that he was justified in his murder and that he would do it again if he could.  He currently is in prison in Arkansas for life having been tried as a civil matter because our government refused to identify it as what it was 
An Act of TERROR by a radicalized convert to Islam!!

This is no different than the white wash our government is trying to accomplish with the Fort Hood Terrorist attack.  If you believe our government must stop all the denials about terrorism in our country then I challenge you to raise you voices with your representatives, the military and the White House and demand proper justice.  All those who gave their lives while serving their country in Fort Hood and in Arkansas need to be properly recognized by our leadership in the White House and the military.  

Please do not let these sacrifices go into history quietly buried with no true justice being done.


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