May 13, 2013

MRQ Evil. I'm sure.


slimed all over my friggin’ donut.  Trog

break the rules Wigs

a bunch of idiots with crack addled minds.  Dan

I don't think Cindy

blissful ignorance Kevin

move along Dad29

6 protesters and a dog  Charlie

I could give a flying flip. Kate (We know)

a total lie Patrick


Hiieeeeeee---arrrrf! Dipster

O...M...G!!!  CFR

but.....squid  Franf

I like him  Chad

got a birdie Peter

recall "PUTRID" Ric

Evil. I'm sure.  Pete

make my face leak Carrie

0% American Tom

nice to see you Penny

the reason she drinks Pierre

worth your five minutes.  Sammy

almost came Carrie

always sloppy Kelly

Blah blah blah  Sean

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