April 3, 2013

Thanks for the Welcome!

I should let you know that I am in no way affiliated with any unions.  I walk the streets and listen
to stories of interest just like many of you do.

As to the Jeff Warg story - the unions are known to give money to candidates that they support, duh!

Yes, I did miss Tony Evers, Superintendent of Public Schools because very people know who their legislators are do you really think they know who Tony is?  This voter is very glad he is still in place and fighting for the money our schools desperately need.  Schools are for a different day.

And I am glad you brought up Pat because it shows you are an independent voter and thinker!

Congratulations! There are very few free thinkers that visit this website, but we hope to change that now don't we?

I ran into Fred a few weeks ago and we got talking about where he wanted this blogger page to go and so here I am. He is busy learning his new job. Congratulations to Fred!

I have a love for the truth and no deception when it comes to our city's government.  I will say it how it appears so let us start with the Dickert Times.  Keep your subscription for puppy training and feed your dog with the .99 they want for their internet subscriptions!