April 2, 2013

Seriously Right Wisconsin?

On Right Wisconsin Friday...

Free Brewers Tickets for Voting in Racine?

On Right Wisconsin Today....

On FridayRightWisconsin first broke the news that the sudden, last minute giveaway was scheduled for a polling location and that a candidate on the ballot also serves on the Parks and Rec board.

Did you really break that first?

We had it here Almost two hours earlier...

These bastards don't even bother to hide it anymore...

Lookie what the City of Racine is giving away free at the Martin Luther King Center on Tuesday!

On Tuesday.  Election Day.  At a polling place.

Anything to drive turnout in a majority democrat ward.

Parks Dept. giving out free Brewers tickets Tuesday

March 29, 2013 2:39 pm  • 
I know you are all excited and everything about your new website but should you be claiming you had it first when at best you had it third?

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