April 29, 2013

MRQ I'm done laughing.


just walked in the door.  Bussorah

discuss the money Cindy

jarring prunes.   Wigdy

good little rednecks Trog

trying to be sly Sam

floats your “Jolly Roger,” Kevin

Where's the beer?  Maggie  (Always a good question)

I'm nonobservant Shark (I think he is very observant)

it was painful, but I managed  Kate


livin tha thug life Jib

thought police Bridget

who the hell knows CFR

feel drunk Dipster

enjoyed spring yesterday Patrick

really weird Tom

an extended one WebWit

havin' testicle difficulties...  Gravelle

Going for my own moobs  Jim

wait five seconds Pierre

I'm done laughing Carrie

bring a troll dauber into the Bingo hall. Pete

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