April 16, 2013

MRQ a sign you're a dope


water under the bridge.  Wigdy

attacked by an angry prostitute  Dan

I might glance Trog

fuming on every format imaginable.   Kevin

at my computer in my underwear  Steve

you'd be angry Jib

a lying idiot Owen

do I take him out?  Patrick

tweeting for peace Kate


Made me spit CFR

I would have thought it would be much smaller  Kate

stupid beer Franf   (BLASPHEMER!)

a little sensitive Chad

where I am Pierre

it's all woohoo! Cindy

my big ass Carrie

toilet humor Pete

into a ball Dipity Doo

a sign you're a dope Jim

get a free prostate exam  Jace

drunk liking  WebWit

hair color control Steve

tang to make Sean  (People still drink that stuff?)


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