April 22, 2013

MRQ might prove to be very embarrassing


it was a moron Wigdy

I'm not sure Dan (Me either)

things imploded Cindy

disturbed by your lack of faith Trog

running away Kevin

might prove to be very embarrassing  Maggie

metrosexual friends Tom

rubbing my mustache Steve

Throw THEM in the river!!!  Kate


have a (strong) drink nearby Franf

Borking the bork   Keith

feeling sexy Dan
an inspiration to dumbasses across Wisconsin.  A fan of Christian
Don't ever remember Griz  
screwed up their heads Patrick
I'm so smart Dona
should be playing Carrie
Im still bitter Pierre

making a dramatic pause Dipster

The vigilant citizen.  WebWit

I smell BACON!  CFR (I have an idea for a new perfume)

Don't touch yourself Kate

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