April 3, 2013

Ethics in Racine?

According to several sources there have been ethic violations sited against Ron Hart, Mary Wyant, Mary Ostergaard, and Mayor John Dickert regarding Car 25. 
It felt good seeing people stand up for what they believe to be an injustice.
Michael Shields fought hard to get Car 25 on the air as a Public Broadcasting Station.
The new company in Kenosha has never produced anything on PBS. So the question of the day is what is to become of Car 25?  This is the people's station and they should be fighting for their rights for this station to air unedited versions of common council meetings.  Why can't we hire locally?
And why was there a camera in the Car 25 production studio that was directly linked to the mayor's office?  Afraid of something Mayor?  If you don't bug everyone's office this is a form of harrassment. When will you wise up so that the taxpayers can stop paying for your incredible stupidity?
Why would Alderman Ron Hart walk into the Car 25 office and ask an employee, "Why are you still here when we have been working with another company since last summer?"
This sounds like there may have been a little bid rigging going on and Alderman Hart stuck is big foot right into the middle of what you were not suppose to know.
There are too many people sitting on the common council.  Just Sitting.
People like George Meyers, Ken Yorgan, and Jim Spodick are not Just Sitting and they aren't even elected.  Is it time to help them take Car 25 back?  Is it time to make bidding fair and unbiased again?
You are the only ones who can decide.  George Meyers phone number is in the book - give him a call!

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