April 2, 2013

Election Winners and Losers

It is tough to wake up on Wednesday morning a campaign loser.
Sometimes those who win are the right people for the job.  Diehl ran on the correct platform. Now let's see if he can stay out of the corruption and vote for those he represents.
It is those who are the wrong winners that we all have to worry about.
Beautification of the city is probably the last thing on resident's minds when unemployment hit over 7% again.  Who will she sit in the park with and discuss all her business with after Mozol's demise?
Leave it to the JT that they can't just announce election results, but have to bring up people's personal struggles.
Jeff Warg walked into a Union House looking for support and his first suggestion was outsourcing a Union Department.  Not too smart.  Better luck next time!  When looking for money and an endorsement outsourcing the bank isn't a real good idea.
Keeping the lights on should be pretty high on people's priority lists.  Good for the citizens for re-electing Michael Shields - he will keep the lights on!
Transparency is the right message since there are more lawsuits going on under this mayor than any other in Racine's history, with more to come.  What a foolish waste of money, just for someone's ego and the ability to say I got you!
It looks like the raw end in this election will be Gateway Technical College.  Taxpayers couldn't ante up $20 a year for law enforcement?  You want them trained, you want them to put their lives on the line, and you want them there when you want them, but you can't ante of a mere $20 per year.  This is the mistake all of Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth Counties will have to live with for a very long time.  The revenue alone to our county from all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and afar would have paid for this.  Law Enforcement Officers need ongoing training and our counties had the perfect opportunity to secure this training, at guess what - we probably would have been more safe with more officers in our communities.
Mount Pleasant has made the right decision, Mark has worked hard cleaning up other areas of dysfunction and will do a fine job.  He has to lead the hunt for an outsider, as the new Administrator.  New eyes on old problems works the best.  Well, Kelly, one day she will learn that listening works best, not everyone likes to hear a 30 minute dissertation on every subject. Best advice - listen more than you speak.
These were the highlights of the spring elections of 2013.  Put the campaigns to rest and those of you who were elected get out there and do what you promised.  Because there is always another election.

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