April 1, 2013

Baraboo? Seioursly?

So I was reading this month's Smithsonian magazine, (Okay go ahead have your jokes about the conservative cave-man reading Smithsonian...)  They have an article this month about the 20 best U.S. small towns to visit.

In order we have:

1. Gettysburg, PA - All kinds of history there..
2. Cleveland, MS - "Where the blues live on in glory, baseball is beloved and the peach cobler is to die for."
3. St. Augustine, FL - This one makes total sense, if you have never been there go, an amazing town.

And the fourth small city Smithsonian lists to visit is, Baraboo, WI.  They mentions lots about the circus history, cranes and wildlife but somehow the completely failed to mention The Troglopundit (or the Norman Rockwell Museum).

How can you have an article in a national publication about, of all places, Baraboo and not mention The Troglopundit?

I mean when you think about it shouldn't Baraboo be first instead of fourth?  I mean Gettysburg has all that civil war history but Baraboo has circus wagons and a seven foot tall sarcastic blogger who's name was inspired by a Monday Random Quote of his own creation.

To finish out the top ten they listed: Astoria, Or., Petoskey, MI, Fairfield, Ia., Los Alamos, NM., Sitka, Ak., and Provincetown, MA.

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