February 18, 2013

MRQ scratching my head


get screwed Patrick

on the verge of cannibalism and wanton rape  Brian

an amazing lack of self-awareness.  Wigdy

scantily-clad Bussorah

thanks to a gun Dan

was nice having him Trog.

rather sloth-like Trog

scratching my head Sam

sometimes cuter Kevin

keep getting caught Elliot

I would applaud a lefty Owen. (Owen is going soft on us)

spewing hatred on a daily basis  'Ol Broad


Next on Lifetime  Fred

in bed....  Web Wit

 Bacon wrapped.  CFR

I pay for it.  Cindy

OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod.  Franf

parked outside of Ray's Liquor Jim

fellow sicko Pierre

pretty nerdy Pete

Bite me Tom

Why is it so hard.  Deibert 

Potbelly Keith

more chocolate Kate

1 comment:

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