January 3, 2013


Obama talked about jobs in the campaign, I guess he is going to concentrate on tourism jobs first.....

In Hawaii.

January 2, 2013


There were TV commercials from Obama every four minutes in Wisconsin.  I clearly remember him running on increasing taxes on the top 77%, gun control and never cutting spending,


I posted three days in a row....

I'm, just sayin'.

Predictions Revisited.

Every year at the blog party we collect predictions for the coming year, reprinted here are the predictions from last  January, how'd we do?  Stop at Papa's this Sunday and place your predictions for the coming year....

I predict no ones predictions will come true.  The 'Ol Broad.  (How optimistic)  

Packers win the Super Bowl, Walker stays Governor, Obama goes bye-bye.   Spammy  Half right.

It will snow sometime.  Mark.   True

UW Athletics has its worst year in history under the time of Barry Alvarez.  Kevin Binversie  Forget the veer?

The Democrats will shoot any chance they have to be respected in Wisconsin.  Mary   Democrats don't care about respect

The attempt to recall Scott Walker fails, Graeme Zielinksi's head explodes.  Dooley   Nailed it.

Barret & Falk have a nasty primary but end up having an affair.  Walker wins in a landslide.   Nuclear bomb "accidentally" explodes in Iran.   Israel opens first ever glass min in the mid-east.  Silent-E  1 out of 4

Encounter with Iran.  Kent.  Not yet, try the same prediction.

Walker recall effort fails after challenges eliminate enough signatures to certify the recall.  Patrick  Half right.

Even though the "rats" lose the Senate, Harry Reid still controls things in 2013.  Egg  Half right.

Republicans grow their majorities.  Yosamite  Half right.

Obama loses in a landslide.  Kyle  I wish.

Walker survives the recall, Occupy movement vanishes, DOJ tries to stop voter ID in Wisconsin.  CFR  ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

Green Bay Packers win the SuperBowl.  Dooley   Loser.

December 31, 2012

What's your favorite song?

No time for MRQ this week, I'll get it right next year.

Mrs. RDW and I had an interesting discussion about our favorite songs this evening.  After hearing Ventura Highway I said that has to be  in my top 10.  Then I got to thinking what is my top 10?  So I sat down and made a list.

My top 10 is my top 10 for various reasons: passion, musicality, memories each of ours will be our own for various reasons so what are a few of your favorites?  The only rule for my list in NO BEATLES SONGS.  (I am so sick of The Beatles)

You'll know most of these, some you may have never heard of but please give them a listen and share your own!

10.  Delbert McClinton – Givin’ It up For Your Love
9.  Vinnie James – Hey Geronimo
8.  Mercy Me – I Can Only Imagine
7.  Willie Nelson – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
6.  Toto - Africa
5.  Ray Charles – America The Beautiful
4.  Paul Simon – The Boxer
3.  Big Daddy Weave – Audience of One
2.  America – Ventura Highway
1.  The Eagles – Hotel California