December 10, 2012

MRQ I'll have your babies


Peanuts Envy Scoff

Worlds apart Wigdy

An easy job Dan

I ran away Cindy

666  Trog

save some cash Sam

free stuff Kevin

bongos and vuvuzelas Ric

launch another campaign  Sean

gunfire and burning cigarettes Steve

a power hungry, money grubbing, useless scam   Kate


I'll have your babies WebWit

on and on and on Kate

gift idea for me.  CFR

Crabby Tammy

just got serious Franf

trying to stay alive Pierre

make up your mind Boyd

very leapish Jim

drag your ass Cindy

a disturbance in the force Pete

on the sidelines Chad

deliver him early Penny

you named me Jim

smaller than they appear Steve