December 3, 2012

MRQ no one has scored


banished to the kitchen  Wigdy

a pathetic human being.  Dan

so much different from a red head  Trog

I got lazy Kevin

irresponsible  Ric

We're black Steve

cower and pray Elliot


no one has scored Cindy

bloody looks  CFR

Fancy Nancy Wigdy

Viagra Jim

how I will look Pete

Uncle Tom Tom

push his ass.  Heather

Calling Dr. Daniels Pierre

all natural Dipster

missed the exit  Franf

Getting my ass Carrie

Protect us from ourselves, BAN EVERYTHING!

In the wake of calls to ban guns due to a murder/suicide involving a Kansas City Chief player it becomes clearer than ever that the following actions need to be taken.

We need to ban railroad crossings.

Come to think of it we need to ban trains.

We need to ban cars.

We need to ban hunting (especially gun hunting)

We need to ban home bathrooms.

We need to ban stairs.

We need to ban bicycles, they kill people.

Snow shoveling kills people, it should be banned.

Football kills, ban it.

Running, especially in marathons kills, ban running.

Marriage kills, ban it (Except gay marriage of course)

 Hotdogs, candy and marshmallows kill children due to choking hazard, ban them all.

Sex kills, you know what to do....

People die by drowning, the obvious thing to do is ban water.

Having insurance may not kill you but it can declare you dead anyway, BAN IT!