November 19, 2012

MRQ Not organized or easy


Not organized or easy  Tamra

an entire soft middle Wigdy

At Least Sheboygan  Dan

All of the above Cindy

at the wife's rump Trog

a trifecta of failure Kevin

Sexurity Clearance Ric

so screwed Patrick


Squeezy the Pension Python.  EM

OMG - spit CFR

start playing Jim

Twinkies on the shelf  Kyle

science was overrules Wigdy

stuff 'em with bacon  Fred

I want to play Cindy

kind of a big deal.  Carrie

getting bigger Franf

up on the bed Chad

wanna be techie nerd  Dipster

so dumb  Pierre

The Sooners vs. The Laters Tom

want a kicker  Penny