November 3, 2012

Vote Ryan Twice.

Vote Ryan for Congress and Vice President.

Don't forget

Answered / Ignored

When Obama calls the Navy Seals they get Bin Laden, when the Navy Seals call Obama they get ignored.

(Thanks Jake Brunner)

October 29, 2012

MRQ Giant orange Jackasses


signs don't stop bullets.  Elliot

one point plan  Steve

stockpiling weapons Trog

heating up Wigdy

getting grayer and balder.  Dan

make you say hmmmm… Cindy


I start stripping.  Cindy.

You can have the bottom.  Web Wit 

I don't dance.  Franf

seriously??  CFR

simply LOVE Ric

I win!!! Lisa

liberals are pooping their diapers  Dipster

Giant orange Jackasses  Penny

too lazy to Trick-or-Treat Aaron

"bad" Sandy Dan

a shirtless man wearing a horse mask  Keith

Creepy clowns and spiders.  Kat

take a quick peek.  Patrick

octopi  Pierre

don't even think about Carrie