October 27, 2012

State Assembly Candidate Tom Weatherston at the Racine TEA Party.

Pam Stevens, hopefully my next State Senator.

Racine TEA Party 10-27-12


Emcee, James T. Harris.


Racine TEA Party videos.

I have lots of video from the TEA Party event in Racine today.  I'll be uploading and posting as time allows.

Vandalism at the Racine TEA Party. Such Coexistyness in Wisconsin these days.

The Racine TEA Party had an event today at the old Sam's Club site in Racine.  Parking lot attendants found the lot covered in nails today as they arrived.  

Aluminum roofing nails were strewn about all over the parking lot.  Despite the best efforts of the volunteers to clean up all the nails one attendee from Mayville had extensive damage done to their vehicle.  A police report was taken about the vandalized vehicle.  Attendees of the Racine TEA Party were warned several times to check around their vehicles to ensure there were no presents left by the nail litterers.

The picture above is just a small sampling of the nails left in the parking lot.  

No doubt these items were left by some peace loving members of the Coexist crowd.  The same bunch of pacifist activists that assaulted Kyle Wood, a gay Republican in Madison for the crime of not being a gay liberal and of course working against Mark Pocan in the fight over Tammy Baldwin's vacated Congressional seat.

Of course the attack on Kyle Wood was preceded by the assault on Sean Kedzie in Whitewater for the outrage of not wanting his Romney/Ryan signs stolen from his home.  Sean was beaten and choked.  If not for the intervention of neighbor he believes he may have been killed.

This is the same crowd that lectured us in the wake of the tragic Tuscon shootings (done by a leftist) that the level of rhetoric was simply too inflamed in politics in our society.

So people in the next ten days please watch your backs and check under your tires.  On November the 7th be extra careful with any coexisters you see out there, they are going to be in a really bad mood and they're going to want to make someone pay for the redistribution of power that is due on election day.

Stay vigilant and report anything you see to the police.  And by all means do not stoop to the level of Coexist crowd, someone has to keep the peace.

October 23, 2012

Obama thong a big seller.

All rightie then, we are officially in the silly season of politics.

I got an email yesterday from Cafe Press bringing my attention to the apparent fact that among Presidential election underwear sales the Obama thong is leading the way.

They even have a graph to highlight the sales.

Not only are they tracking pro-candidate underwear but they offer an anti-candidate chart as well.

Cafe Press also offered up staff members for interviews or more information on these important election trends.

All I know for sure is more Obama supporters are putting their money where their privates are.  I don't think this matters in the least about how people as a whole will actually vote.

For me, I'll not consider thong trends as part of my vote.  As far as a clothing endorsement, I recommend Wiggywear.

October 22, 2012

One rule for me, another for thee

Just got back from checking in person absentee voting at Racine City Hall.  Everything appeared to be going smoothly.  I did, however, have occasion to point out to Deputy City Clerk Donna Deuster that democrat observer/flunkie, Kelly Gallaher, resplendent in her electric yellow observer vest, was violating GAB rules regarding election observers.  Gallaher, who chastises others for perceived violations of GAB rules in her "anonymous" root river skank blog, was illegally conversing with voters in the polling place - probably the single biggest infraction an observer can commit.  Kelly knows full well that she is not allowed to interact with voters, but she figures that she does not have to follow the same rules as the rest of us.

We're watching you Kelly, as much as that idea hurts our eyes...

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