October 19, 2012


The Tide has turned..Obama is losing. My Predictions 2 weeks out.

I know and the media now knows that Obama is going to lose.

Is anyone else sensing the TURN of the "Tide"????  I am feeling it, and smelling it.  Most of us know that  the main stream media has been running cover for Obama for 5 years now.  Very little "Vetting" or investigation at the beginning..very little pressure to do press conferences.   Softball interviews on the View, and morning rock shows asking him about food and what kind of superhero he'd be.  the list goes on...

Just in the past 2 days.... the tide has shifted.   BIG TIME!!  First the New York Times now has the Benghazi story on the FRONT page, top of the fold.  CBS now has it's reporters chasing down the "Fast and Furious" story and even Eric Holder.  Guess what's happened?  The press has decided that Obama is going to lose, and saving him is no longer of any value to them.  The long knives are out and the questions are gonna get seriously tougher and the demands will be huge.  He's gonna look more tired and more "grey" as the last 2 weeks go by.  At the same time Mitt Romney is funny, and smiling and looking and acting "kool" and confident.

Look for the Sunday shows to be very tough on Obama and his talking head minions.  I suspect Romney will be very well informed on the "TERROR" incident, and will not let it go on Monday night.  Once the break begins, there is no turning back for the media, they want to win Pulitzers..and they're not gonna let a good story escape, if there is no downside and Prez Obama is going down anyway.  This will lead to a bigger win than many folks have expected maybe even 7-8 points...Watch all the Senate races fall the same direction over the next 2 weeks.

My 2 weeks prediction is:
Romney 53
Obama 46
Gary Johnson 1%
320+ EV for Romney  (Includes Wisconsin for Romney).

The Senate goes 54-46 GOP

Less than 5 seats switch either way in the House. The GOP adds 2 more Governors which I think makes 31-19

I think GOP wins the following Senate races:
Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota,, Massachusetts, Missouri, Virginia, Montana
And then either Connecticut, Pennsylvania or Florida!

October 16, 2012

In Bice (D) trusts.

Brian Sikma asked a few questions of Journal Sentinel columnist Daniel Bice who really wants us to think he isn't biased

Subject matter of recent Bice columns in order:  Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Neumann, County Lobbyist, Everest, Everest, Black, Black, Walker/Black, Thompson, Ryan, Hovde, Dems plan to attack Ryan if he is VP, Wall, attack private businessman that is Obama critic.

Yeah, that's some real balanced column material Dan... 

If you read him you would have no idea how radical Tammy Baldwin is of but you'll  know that Tommy Thompson has a home in Florida.  

So now 71 year olds having a Florida home is a bad thing?

Gotta stop here, on our way to meet with Mrs. RDW's Aunt and Uncle for lunch before they head to their home in Florida for the winter.  What terrible out of touch people they are.

October 15, 2012

MRQ too important to ignore.


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marrying gay men.  Elliot

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need to be spanked.  Cindy

trying to kill my ass  Web Wit

life's simple.   Lisa

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be a viqueen  Jim

too important to ignore  Agniesczka

rocked the earth Glenda

All I asked for more is three more  Wigdy   (Snickers?)

spit....spit...spit everwhere!  Tori