September 24, 2012

Hey, Mr. NFL Head Dude....
Your replacement referees cost the Packers a victory tonight.

You are supposed to me Mr. Integrity so what are you going to do about it?  Nothing would be my guess.

The inept officials were a complete disgrace on a national stage and the Seahawks should be embarrassed. 

You are all about protecting the NFL Shield, what about the integrity of the game?  From my living room the NFL had its integrity ripped away tonight.
What are you going to do to fix this travesty Commissioner?

Fred Dooley
Racine, WI

Monday Night Football.

If the Commissioner of the NFL had an ounce of integrity he would vacate that bullcrap result and award the Packers the victory that the P.O.S. replacement referees just stole from them.


So.... About that ridiculous crowd estimate from the Obama event in Milwaukee this weekend.....

Mayor Barrett, was the source.... Shame on you Tom.

MRQ 3 most dreaded words


we call her a whore  Wigdy

it didn't really happen.  Dan

full but not packed.  Cindy

cut to the bone.  Trog

HOME RUN!  Kevin

monkey-throwing-poo  Steve

don't believe Elliot

Kill Brain Cells.  Roland


I get to beat  Pierre

I'm hormonal  CFR

3 most dreaded words  Franf

CLUE to the LESS  Dipster

[redacted]  Carrie

Really classy!  Penny

might be kind of fun.  Kate

should I drink  Jessica

breath really. really loudly.  Cindy

Them and Us...

Remember this?  They made this encounter a huge story.

Romney aide to reporters: ‘Kiss my *ss; this is a holy site’

I absolutely guaranty you this will not get anywhere near the same coverage. 

Hillary Clinton Aide Tells Reporter To “Fuck Off”


Why isn't this story being told by the Media?

Palermo's workers being harassed at their homes.

The truly despicable Christine Nuemann-Ortiz and the thugs at Voces de la Frontera are using intimidation tactics at people's homes in the effort to try and unionize Palermo's workers.

Typical thuggish behavior from the hate left.  Where is Georgia Pabst on this one?