September 10, 2012

Presidential Liar

Snopes had debunked the post that was here, apologies.

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DNC claims at the convention vs. reality

Now that all the speechifying is done at the DNC let's see what they said vs. reality.  Here's a sampling of DNC Claims vs. reality (as checked by none other than CNN - not one of my favorites and definitely not a conservative leaning source).

Claim #1 - Under the Emperor there have been 4.5M private sector jobs created.  -- True on the surface but let's put this into full perspective.  At the same time a little over 5M private sector jobs were LOST!!  net result under the Emperor's watch - 500,000 private sector employees out of work.  if you look at other jobs, including government jobs, “the picture is actually much worse. In terms of net loss, we are still 1.1 million jobs in the hole under this administration.”

Claim #2 - It's getting better --  unemployment dropped from 8.3% to 8.1% - wow what a monster move to the positive!!  Reality = 8.1% only because 368,000 Americans left the labor force), compared to Election Day 2008, when that figure was 6.5%, and on inauguration day of 2009, it was 7.3%, though it later peaked at 10%.  The Emperor's jobs progress is not positive it is TOTALLY NEGATIVE!!

Claims #3 & #4 - "Osama Bin Ladin is Dead and GM is alive".  Reality - #3 is True, however for the Emperor to take credit for getting him is BOGUS at best.  His advisers had to drag him kicking and screaming into giving the order to the Seal team to go in and delayed a couple times before he finally gave in to his advisers and gave the go ahead.  Good that OBL is dead but not enough to justify reelecting someone who constantly chooses to "Lead from Behind".
#4  - GM is alive!  Reality = Sort of true but not based on good decision making on the part of the Emperor.  “You as a taxpayer with General Motors, specifically, right now, you own about a third of G.M. That's how the bailout was structured. G.M today closed on the stock exchange at $21.76 a share. Now, in order to break even, so for taxpayers, you out there to make that money back, G.M. shares would have to rise to between 52 and 60 dollars a share. Treasury right now says they expect to lose 25 billion dollars or more, which, of course, is interesting. When you look at the banks specifically, taxpayers have made money. They've lost money on G.M. right now and on AIG, the insurer. But when you look at the auto industry, Anderson, there is one company that did not get a bailout and is thriving. And that, of course, is Ford.”  Mitt Romney's comments taken totally out of context - Let GM go bankrupt.  Mitt did not say that - he stated that GM needed to go thru bankruptcy as any other company would and restructure to become a viable manufacturer again.  Instead - The Emperor has put our tax dollars at risk and it is clear that we will never get our "investment" paid back!! 

These are just the tip of the iceberg that is waiting to sink the ship of state if we allow the Emperor continue the path he has laid out for the country.  He MUST be given an eviction notice in November before he can complete his total program of socializing and ruining our economy and country.