August 22, 2012

Positively HUGE!

This is what the left is calling a "huge crowd".

Obviously raaaaacists.

August 20, 2012

MRQ wrapped in nougat and covered in chocolate


thanks to my love.  Cindy

bleep it out.  Trog

Does size matter  Wigdy

left out Dan

got your hind end.  Kate

long, and nasty  Patrick

silent stand.  Denis

sanitized the ugliness  Elliot

get me a sammich Jib

honey spilled.  Kevin.


girls in mud Franf

wrapped in nougat and covered in chocolate  Tom 

Irish dancing.  Wigdy

Tommy Thompson in a bathing suit.  Jessica

happiest bunch of losers.  Jim

cheapy mccheap  Dipster

Had fun day in Madison  Pierre   (Where???? That does not seem possible.)

aliens get frisky Aaron


drink beer before noon.  Cindy

semi-auto assault stick Patrick

looks of absolute horror.  Casper

I'm too small.  Julie