August 9, 2012

Dickert Wanted to Ban Poll Watchers in Racine Recall Debacle

Turns out Mayor John "Hundred Thousand Dollar" Dickert tried to keep observers out of the polls during the June 5th recall election.  He emailed City Clerk Janice Johnson-Martin, and asked her if he could stop people who come to the polls "just to intimidate people."  "The way I look at, if u [sic] are not there vote – leave."

Speaking of "not there to vote" -  Mr. Mayor spent the day cruising the polling places with unionista Assembly members Peter Barca and Cory "Carpetbagger" Mason, neither of whom was there to vote.  They were there, however as a subtle reminder of who to vote for.

August 7, 2012

Fraudulent Fait Accompli

The left loves to respond to the issue of election fraud by claiming that it's not been proved.  That's not true.  The problem is proving it takes a lot of time and a lot of painstaking effort.  And then when you do, a clown like Stewart Smalley is already a senator, the toothpaste is out of the tube, and the lying fraud deniers on the left claim it's too late.  And "Fraudulent Al" Franken isn't the only one, is he John Lehman?

August 6, 2012

MRQ brought cheese

MRQ  (One word edition)

oops  Wigdy

whoopsie Dipity

Sleaze  Dan

hmmmmm  Cindy

Sarcasm Trog

nuking Trog

frightening.  CFR

Purgatory Sam

grueling  Kevin

litmus  Lou

nerd Elliot

amusing.  Kate

Strapped  Owen

hoards ALa

preferred  Dad29


will shave.  CFR

caught cheating  Jim

I can see the chick  Jim

homing pigeon racing  Franf


Kiss-Off  Web Wit

blame a pencil  Sara

Stuck on Stupid.  Steve

brought cheese.  Doreen

Three Forms of Life Tom

Always the warthog.  Carrie

at a party.  Pierre

Mr. Spicy Matt via Sean

Are you a "Domestic Terrorist"?

Executive Order being considered concerning Domestic Terrorism

From time to time on this blog I take a little heat from commentators about the use of "The Emperor" when referring to Obama. Here's another example of why I use that term to describe him.   In his heart of hearts he believes he was not just elected but "Coronated" to the office, and anytime he cannot get legislation that he approves of or sponsors to pass in congress he utilizes the Executive Order to circumvent the will of the people and impose his wishes on the country.

The Senate GOP successfully blocked an outrageously intrusive bill dubbed the Cyber Security Act - legislation disguised as a means by which Homeland Security could monitor the internet and identify enemies of the US looking for -- "information about cyber threats and would have required critical infrastructure operators to meet minimum cyber security standards."  On the surface this seems to be a good idea.  So now he is considering another Executive Order to impose this Cyber Security against the will of the people he was elected (not Coronated) to serve. 

Under the executive order being considered - the Emperor's instructions to Homeland Security are to have law enforcement agencies looking for things on the internet that indicate possibilities of domestic terrorism?  Not such a bad idea you say?.  Here's the definition they intended to use in identifying domestic terrorism :  Americans “suspicious of centralized federal authority, reverent of individual liberty” and protecting their personal freedoms are categorized as extreme right-wing terrorists. The “right-wing extremists” are “groups that believe that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent.”

Translation -- find those of us who are speaking out about the original intent of our founding fathers concerning liberty and personal freedoms and go after them as domestic terrorists since we are not willing to bow down and kiss the Emperor's ring and allow him to continue his quest for total Marxist Socialization of our country.

To far out you say?  Are you that sure that an executive order of this type would not result in massive abuses and attacks on anyone who disagrees with the Emperor or his minions.  or that anyone who gets a little mad at a conservative company executive - ie. Mr. Cathy of Chick Fil'A - would file a complaint with the government (justified or not) who would then shut down the company website immediately and tie up millions of dollars in lawyer fees to defend himself and potentially bankrupt the company in the process.  I am not totally convinced that this would not be abused by certain far far right conservatives just as much as I don't trust the Lefties if such an executive order is allowed to go into affect.

November can't come soon enough - we have to stop this head long rush toward the Marxist Socialization of our country by the Emperor.   

August 5, 2012


Yes I'm calling from the Marquette University Poll can I ask you a few questions?

Would you vote for Democrat Tammy Baldwin or Republican Eric Hoove-Day?

That's Hovde.

Hoove-Day, no, Hovde. I see thank you...

Well at least they didn't call him a Democrat.