July 13, 2012

Wisconsin Senate Choice.

The Wisconsin Senate Primary approaches.

One of the following five people will be the Junior Senator from Wisconsin: Congresscritter Tammy Baldwin (Yes I know she is not in the primary), Former Governor and HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, Former Congresscritter Mark Neumann, Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerals, or Businessman Eric Hovde.

Who would be your preference to serve Wisconsin as Senator and why?

July 12, 2012

Huge Numbers of Same Day Registrations for Recall

MacIver details the extraordinarily high number of recall election same day registrations in Racine, Milwaukee, and Madison.

The same day registration process is a core vulnerability in Wisconsin elections. In Racine, we saw the polls understaffed, and the least experienced poll workers (in some cases temp workers hired the day before and given one hour of training) made responsible for arguably the most critical and complex task in the polling place, voter registration. At the same time, we had leftist groups illegally infiltrating polling places in an effort to cause chaos, knowing full well, that in response to the chaos, enforcement of standards would become lax. It was straight out of the Alinsky playbook, it is what happened in Racine on 6/5, and anyone who claims otherwise is either uninformed, or a damned liar.

July 10, 2012

Check out the flunky...

Look everyone, it's Racine's own democrat/unionista flunky and 0bama lackey Kelly Gallaher AKA Root River Siren.

Demonstrating her qualifications for a minimum wage employment. 

Who's the flunky, Kelly? Oh, and by the way, the plural is "flunkies" not "flunky's" - but don't worry, they won't insist on a nuanced command of English when they hand you the suit.

Emperor Obama continues to deny justice and the Purple Heart

Did you know that we have had at least 2 successful terrorist attacks on US soil while Emperor Obama has been in office?

The two succesful terrorist attacks are: Fort Hood and the Little Rock recruiting center.

The Emperor's administration cannot bear the thought that this has happened, so they are continuing to "White Wash" and deny the truth, by calling them unfortunate incidents of home grown violence.  The idea that there are radical Islamist Jihadists in the US and that 2 of them were successful under his watch is so frightening to his administration that they have continued to hide and with the help of the Liberal Media spin these terrorist attacks into domestic violence.

In yesterday's USA Today a reminder of the Little Rock successful attack was published.  Please take time to check this out and then please take time to do something about this injustice by contacting the White House, your representatives and senators to demand that these young men in Little Rock who were attacked - one killed the other severely wounded - get the recognition they deserve from our country for their service and sacrifices.

July 9, 2012

MRQ I shouldn't be drinking this with what I've got.


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