June 29, 2012

Stolen election.

Multiple bags of ballots that were supposed to be sealed were re-opened and turned in illegally.  This is why those districts in Racine came in so late.  These very same districts waiting to see how many votes they needed, rigged the ballots then submitted the tampered bags.

This election HAS to be re-done. And there have to be election observers at EVERY Racine polling place to make sure this does not happen again.

Photo: MacIver 

June 27, 2012

Why we take cameras to the polls.

By the way if you ever brought a smart phone to vote with you then you too brought a video camera to the polls.

Attn: Kelly Gallaher / Root River Siren.

If you are going to quote me in your hate filled rants can you at least check to see if I wrote the post which you are referring to?

This is like the third time.

Could you at least do a little research?


You can go back to protesting $100 Republican fund raisers to the rich now while ignoring your hero Obama when he raises money from actual rich people now.

Can I choose which taxes I want to pay?

June 25, 2012

MRQ feelin' da love.


feelin’ da love…   Scoff.

wants to be the bride.  Wigdy

Stupid?  Greedy?  Lonely?  Dan

pigs will fly.  Cindy

I wax  Lance

It's not pretty.  Kevin..

getting men out of shorts  Althouse.


I'll take the sausage.  CFR

Take the cannoli Web Wit

growing like crazy.  Carrie

vote Conservative or we're done  Steve

Ma che caldo fa.   Franf.  (I don't know either)

not currently a fan  Chad

I'm always talking to myself  Dipity  (I suspected that)

stabbing my thumb  Justin

primates and birds.  Patrick

Stop the Recount!

That's apparently what they did.  The latest problem: Both MacIver and Patch are reporting that as many as half of same day registrants in the city of Racine may have not signed the poll books.  This is just the latest problem to surface in an election that was plagued with irregularities.