June 2, 2012

Nancy Milholland at the Racine TEA Party

Vicky McKenna at the Racine TEA Party

So long FISTERS, thanks for playing!

Doing Things the right way....


Ken is correct about my posting video from the Racine TEA Party today.  Videos are uploading to YouTube now and I will post them as they are completed.

TEA Party Numbers!

Todays TEA Party in Caledonia was just fantastic.  Here's some numbers I picked up from folks at the event and the speakers.

4000+       Crowd estimates seemed to be 4000 or more.  The area covered with folks was much bigger than the BonFire TEA Party of Jan 2010.  We have lots of photo's that'll be looked at carefully to get a more accurate count.What an amazing day for a rally!

175          New jobs that will be announced in a local Racine County business on Monday, (nearly doubling it's workforce!)...It's Working!!

10,000      The number of "Early" voters in the city of Milwaukee.  The press has been reporting nearly 100,000 and up.  Clearly the Dems are in much bigger trouble than they thought. But go vote anyway!

350           The number of "Early" voters on Saturday, despite the huge rally in Milwaukee, they expected thousands!!

55% Decrease!   The number of AFSCME members in Wisconsin.  It looks Like if they aren't Forced to join they leave in droves!   It's Working!

2              Or Rather number 2!    Paul Ryan was there and he was fantastic as always.  And hta'ts why i still believe he will the Number TWO on the ticket with Mitt Romney this Fall!

2 Dozen   The number of volunteers that were at the Racine Victory Centers for ILLINOIS!!  While our volunteers were at the rally.  Thanks to Lake county for sending the troops North!!

#1            Special congratulations to Zane Navartil...who couldn't attend the rally, and neither did his parents..because Zane was playing Tennis in Madison in the State Championship Finals.  After a 2 day long event Racine's own Prairie School sophomore Zane Navartil wins the State Championship!!!   Way to go ZANE!  We are very proud!


I expect Fred will have some video of the TEA Party up later today or tomorrow.  I'd like to put an hour of clips together and get them on Car 25!

June 1, 2012

WAR on women

Saw this on the news this morning:
To prove their point of the ongoing Scott Walker "WAR on women" the democrats are bringing in former president Bill Clinton today for a rally.
Meanwhile, the dreaded republicans are furthering their war by bringing in governor Nikki Haley .

Just sayin'...
This may keep me chuckling until the election - and then I will be belly-laughing.

May 31, 2012

Not Flinging the Bling at early voters!

The Knock & Draggers have been out en force in Milwaukee, Madison and Racine.  Trying to find those voters that otherwise might stay home.  Some are hanging out at polling places wearing "JOBS Now" T-shirts, reports of mentally incompetent nursing home elders are requesting permanent absentee ballots.

 This election the Knock and Draggers aren't getting the kind of $$$ for their service they have scored in past elections.    I have heard reports from sources that many of the rider/voters are used to getting on the bus, going down to vote and then getting a little "Bling"  when they show off their "I voted" sticker.   Sometimes it's a drink coupon, sometimes it's a deal off a little BBQ at Wilburs back in the day.  (In Milwaukee "Speed Queen" BBQ is the prize...and I'm told it's the best BBQ in the state!).  But this year the confidence in the results..seem to be in question..and the regular joints aren't willing to Fling the Bling!   Poll watchers at Racine City Hall haven't seen a whole lot of early voting..I guess Barrett and Lehman aren't very stimulating guys.

Reports from Milw. City Hall from Saturday when the Dems threw a big shebang to get out the vote (GOTV) and only about 350 city voters early voted on Saturday. far fewer than than the extra couple thousand they had hoped to get.

In Racine County the Democratic Party seem to be in disarray.   In fact the RDP which has had 2 major upheavals in the past 7 years in it's leadership..seems to be on the verge of yet another mutiny.  Jane Witt's leadership "style" doesn't seem to create a very welcoming follower-ship.  Her intolerance and brash personality has rubbed some of her "subjects' the wrong way.  Some of those other factions seems to be quite unhappy.  It also appears to be a little bit of a race or class division.  After the RDP's nudging Bob Turner out of running so they could save a seat for Corey Mason...some of the black members are realizing they might just be needed for GOTV and not really needed in between elections.

AFSCME membership is in free fall!   It's amazing how many AFSCME members have left. Nearly 55% of them have quit in the first year they the chance!  Imagine how many will quit here in the City of Racine when the contracts expire in 2013.

Emperor bestows our Medal of Freedom on a Marxist

"Dolores Huerta is an honorary chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America. The Democratic Socialists of America describes itself as," quote, "the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal US affiliate of The Socialist International.

Dolores Huerta has said among other things, "Republicans hate Latinos." She has said, "We didn't cross the border; the border crossed us." Dolores Huerta is a Marxist, a co-founder with Cesar Chavez, of the United Farm Workers, whom Obama honored yesterday, a Marxist, a professed Marxist and socialist, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Another example of the Emperor's true belief system - he is a Marxist Socialist at his core and honoring one of his own comes natural.

Here's part of the "who we are" from the Democratic Socialists of America --

We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit,...We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane international social order based both on democratic planning and market mechanisms to achieve equitable distribution of resources, 

Why should we bestow this high honor on someone who wants to eliminate the basic principles our country is founded on and replace it with central planning, redistribution of wealth etc...?

You might say - no big deal - it's only a medal.  If you believe that than you are in need of a brain transplant because you have been successfully brainwashed and are part of the Emperor's army of dummies who do not understand the importance of keeping and defending our capitalist economic system and the freedoms so many have fought and died for.

If you need additional information on how radical and Anti-American this group is just take a look at their list of beliefs and statements http://www.dsausa.org/resources.html   This is a very dangerous group.

Just exactly who is distorting records?

Barrett: Wisconsin led the nation in job losses.
Sanity: Actually Tom you are quoting bad information
Barrett: No, Walker made those numbers up to something he'd like better. The numbers he is quoting haven't been confirmed.
Sanity: Yes, ...they have. http://tinyurl.com/7jnn7sb by Obama's Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Barrett: Well then Walker is paying the legal fees of other people in the John Doe...
Sanity: No, he isn't.
Barrett: (Shakes magic 8 ball furiously)

May 30, 2012

Blue Fisters Placing Signs Illegally and Without Permission

This is a photo of an illegal blue fist campaign sign I took at my polling place this afternoon. They posted 2 signs, one on either side of the parking lot entrance to the 2nd Presbyterian Church on Charles St & Kingston in Racine. I hav...e filed a complaint with the Racine City Clerk's office. If you witness this type of campaign violation please let me know.

If the blue fisters are doing it at my polling place they very well could be doing it at your polling place. Once agan the union machine proves they don't give a damn about ethics, rules or election law.

If you see this type of activity document it, report it and send it to me!

May 28, 2012

MRQ sausage-based wisecracks


Jim Widgers– Wigjer– Wigglesworth   Scoff

make this stuff up.  Wigglesworth

freaked out.  Kevin

hate in the name of love and bully in the name of tolerance  Bristol

I only need another $10  Bssorah

unfortunate pink Trog

heartless greedy murderers.  Steve

I might need one.  Elliot

sausage-based wisecracks  Althouse

gave a kid a wedgie  Blue

tin foil hat wearing fools  Dan

Gross.  Trog


randomly vacate  Aaron 

must take photo  Gailann

MORE WINE!!! Dipity

two hidden alien flippers  Keith

No no no no no  Pierre

very very cute  Tom

Join the party Ric

I may be old.  CFR

take a powder MCPO

look what Webby did!  Kelly

post this  Web Wit  (Yes Ma'am)

just wrong.  Franf

Thank You For Your Sacrifices