May 19, 2012

Now he's having trouble with own Auto-Biographies

Barack Obama says he was born in Kenya...And he says he was born in Hawaii. Is Barack the original "Birther"? Kenya or Hawaii Prez 0 is lying either way.

May 18, 2012

Emperor O's attack on previous presidents biographies

The Emperor has decided to edit the biographies of previous Presidents by inserting tid-bits about himself into their content.

For a supposedly smart man he really is stupid!  He fails to understand something as simple as what a biography is, and in an attempt to bolster his name in history has his hacks editing the content of other Presidents bios.

What kind of "Hope & Change with full disclosure and accountability" does this represent?  The Narcissism of this man is beyond belief!!  This pales when contrasted with his all out march toward Marxism and bankrupting of our economy but it is another example of just how much everything is about him and NEVER about what is ethical, honest or good for our country.

Hey all you "Obama-ites" out there - care to defend this stupidity?  I'd love to hear your justification for his corrupting of historical biographies.

The best thing we can do is make sure he gets evicted from the White House this year and give him a one way ticket back to Kenya where he was born.

RDW at Sergio Politics.

I answered a few questions about the coming Presidential election for Sergio Politics.

Check it out.

May 17, 2012

Just another story about how government increases health care costs.

I have a bad back, a very bad back.  I need surgery but frankly I’m too young for back surgery and will avoid it for as long as possible.  Pain is a constant problem and I’ve been relying on radial frequency procedures for several years to get by.
For those unaware with radial frequency my pain doc identified the nerve clusters in my spine that were giving me the most problems.  They take a needle, align it to the right spot with an x-ray machine then heat the needle to burn off the nerves.  Painful procedure but you can gain significant relief from pain over a period of one to two years until the nerves regenerate.
I’ve had two of these procedures and am ready for my third.
Before the first r.f. they did a couple of procedures called medial branch blocks.  In this process they numb the suspected nerves to make sure they are in the correct spot before burning the nerves.  (Makes sense).
When my first radial frequency wore off I was just able to call and simply schedule a new procedure.
Now that it is time for my third procedure the rules have changed.  I was required to do an office visit and have two more branch blocks before I can have another radial frequency procedure.
This process adds two procedures in the operating room with a big staff, (doctor and 4 or 5 nurses) plus an additional office visit.  In short, LOTS MORE MONEY, AND LOTS MORE TIME IN PAIN!  (Adds at least three weeks until the actual procedure can be done.)
When I asked my Doctor about the policy change he told me it was due to Medicare.  Medicare?  Yes, Medicare.
Medicare started mandating two branch blocks before every radial frequency, even in the case of repeated procedures.  And then what Medicare does the private insurers wind up doing as well.
So there you have it, a relatively simple procedure made more difficult with much more added expense causing physical and financial pain brought to you by a government run health care program.
Thanks for nothing.

May 15, 2012

Caption This

Some details on the June 2 Racine TEA Party rally.


Racine, WI – Racine Tea Party PAC is proud to announce Congressman Paul Ryan will deliver remarks at the June 2nd Victory 2012 event. Paul Ryan is the leader at the very forefront of the conservative movement with his bold, fresh ideas on budget reform for the nation.  He also understands Racine County is ground zero for the recall elections and is here to show his support for Governor Scott Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Senator Van Wanggaard.  No one better understands the need for voter turn-out in Racine County.  For years, Paul has led the charge with the mantra - how Racine goes; Wisconsin goes.   

The Racine Tea Party PAC is hosting a rally on Saturday, June 2nd from 10:00am to noon at Gorney Park in Racine County to bring the local, state and national focus on the importance of the state’s bellwether county in the recall elections.  

The event will feature Congressman Paul Ryan, All Patriots Media – Tony Katz, and CNN contributor Dana Loesch the “rock star of radio” Wisconsin’s own - Vicki McKenna, PA Tea Party Activist & Fox News Contributor - Jenn Stefano State Senator - Van Wanggaard and more.  Invited guests include Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and several very big surprise guests.

WHAT:  Racine Tea PAC Rally on Stopping the Recall of Walker, Kleefisch & Wanggaard
WHERE: Gorney Park 8201 Nicholson Rd Caledonia WI (parking on 7 Mile Rd entrance)
WHEN: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 10:00AM - NOON

May 14, 2012

MRQ excuse the crudity


Who wants sloppy seconds?  Scoff

More boobs.  Scoff

That would be racist.  Wigdy

DO NOT READ Bussorah  (D'oh)

the first time  Dan

the world will forget Trog

excuse the crudity  Trog


I Gotta Do It  Ric


uglier than people think.  Franf  (Hairier maybe)

get the smell out  Gravelle

I'm horny.  Debra


I would kick it  Dipster

I didn't get a sticker Carrie

Island of Lactos.  Tom

feeling perky  Patrick

Over 60.  CFR

insist on having black   Kate

poke me.  Gailann

May 13, 2012

Senator Wirch will face Pam Stevens in District #22

If you live in the City of Racine or City of Kenosha this November you will have a choice of Senate candidate. Listen tomorrow to Lenny Palmer on AM 1050 at 8:00 am to 8:30 where our next State Senate candidate will appear for an exclusive interview! This GOP Senate #22 candidate is unlike anyone who has ever run in Racine or Kenosha County.

Pam Stevens has served 9 years (three terms), on the KUSD School Board, 2 years as it's President.  Pam will be running on education reform and excess Govt. mandates. Pam will also focus on crime and infrastructure improvements in SE Wisconsin, without raising taxes. Watch her website for more info. (Linked below).

Check out more @:

Many of you will remember the recall attempt of Senator Wirch after his shameful escape to Rockford, IL rather than face up to his responsibility to represent the people of Kenosha County.  Jonathan Steitz ran against him in a recall attempt and lost..but now the ledger is re-written Wirch must now face voters in the City of Racine.  This new fresh face will rattle the traditional rules of electoral "combat".  So tune in tomorrow morning for a chance to hear a from Bob Wirch's challenger.   A candidate with 9 years of elected experience, a known constituency in the City of Kenosha..and Racine which is essentially an open seat ready to hear from both candidates.

PS   Peter Barca It looks like you will have a challenger this fall too!

More details to follow tomorrow morning!

Like her on Facebook @ and follow her campaign.  Ask her questions? invite to a get together at your home and invite your friends!

Soapbox Jill in the Cap Times.

One of our contributors has a letter to the editor in the Cap Time today.

Well done.