May 11, 2012

Jason Alexander joins the 99%.

Good stuff, thanks Monica!

He forgets....

The Biggest Loser

The headlines usually get it wrong....

The biggest loser in this weeks Wisconsin recall primary was big labor and their chosen candidate, Kathleen Falk. 'Da union threw some $5 million in Falk's direction and got their tails handed to them. 

In a race that (R)s really didn't have to worry about Scott Walker showed huge garnering more votes than Falk and Tom Barrett combined.

So in the headlines that proclaimed Tom Barrett the winner, Scott Walker actually was the biggest winner on Tuesday and big labor was the biggest loser, again.

May 10, 2012

Are Electric Autos really Good for the Environment?

Electric Auto starts on fire and almost destroys owners home.

The owner of a brand new Karma electric vehicle finds out that his environmentally friendly car is not so friendly after all.

Footnote:  Fiskars is another company that the Emperor threw a boat load of our tax dollars at for their electric vehicle.  This is the first reported significant fire with a Karma that I have heard of but who knows how bad it could become.  Don't panic yet, the investigation is still underway as to the cause, but  . . . . .  we will have to wait and see. 

May 7, 2012

MRQ we're laughing at you.


earlobes in the lobby.  Scoff

a bunch of radicals.  Wigdy

picked intentionally  Trog

Evil EVIL Ric

that idiotic fist.  Jib

conjure up the next diversion  Steve

make me Elliot

a beer, a brat and a Brewer game. Roland

get it done.  Cindy


convinced the husband.  CFR

morally reprehensible.  Gerry

I make him show.  CFR

Chris does.  Kelly

you spilled it on me.  Web Wit

just devoured my neighbor's cat.  Ric

The Kissing Sailor.  Pete

could have said no.  Franf

I never thought.  Carrie

more toys   Cindy

learn not to beg.  Gravelle

we're laughing at you.  Tom

an oomph to my love Dipity

I was pole dancing.  Gailann

some nasty stuff going on.  Jimi