April 28, 2012

We're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!

Because, ya know, 12 hours ago it was dark and now it is light, and in the dark it was colder and now it is warmer.

Really, St. Al Gore said so.

I think it is time for Gore to be put in a nursing home.

Attention Troglopundit

From the Troglopundit...  No offense to Fred, but when I read that I thought: nope, that’s wrong. So I checked and: yep, he’s right.

April 27, 2012

May 8 Partisan Primary Rules.

There has been much conjecture about the rules for the partisan primary on May 8.  I have confirmed you MAY cross party vote.

For example in Racine you may vote for Scott Walker on the Repulican ticket and vote for Tamra Varebrook on the Democrat primary for State Senate. 

Here is a copy of the ballot, the only restriction stated is that you can only vote for one person for each office.  I have confirmed this with the City of Racine Clerk.

Get the word out folks, this is important!

How do enviromentalists leave a park on Earth Day?

H/T Jim

April 26, 2012

Romney's chances in the Upper Mid-West

My take on the TEA Party and Mitt's chances in the Upper Mid-West: Can-romney-win-upper-mid-west

Downtown Brown

April 25, 2012

Save June 2nd on your schedules folks.

April 25, 2012

For Immediate Release
Nancy Milholland  262-994-0894
Lora Halberstadt 262-939-0175

Racine, WI – June 5th is the day that Wisconsin voters can finally put an end to the State of Chaos brought on by Democrats, unions and other assorted liberal groups opposed to the hard choices it took to balance the Wisconsin budget. Racine Tea PAC was newly formed in order to educate and advocate for conservative policies and the candidates that support them.

The Racine Tea PAC will hold a rally on Saturday, June 2nd from 10:00am to noon in Racine County to bring the local, state and national focus on the importance of the state’s bellwether county in the recall elections.  

The event will feature All Patriots Media – Tony Katz, the “rock star of radio” Wisconsin’s own - Vicki McKenna, PA Tea Party Activist & Fox News Contributor - Jenn Stefano
State Senator - Van Wanggaard, Nashville recording artist – Krista Branch and more.  Invited guests include Breibart and CNN contributor Dana Loesch, Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, Congressman Paul Ryan and several very big surprise guests. 

WHAT:  Racine Tea PAC Rally on Stopping the Recall of Walker, Kleefisch & Wanggaard
WHERE: Racine County WI – location currently being finalized
WHEN: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 10:00AM - NOON
# # #

The Racine Tea PAC is a citizen group advocating for constitutionally limited government, spending controls, debt reduction policies and the candidates who support them.
Paid for by Racine TEA PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
Racine TEA PAC – PO Box 463, Sturtevant, WI  53177 – www.racineteaparty.com

April 24, 2012

April 23, 2012

Barrett Blames Caterpillar Layoffs on... Walker?!?

I just came from the unionista candidate forum over at the Bray Center, and was I ever glad to escape.  The inanity, self-serving arguments, whining, and pledges to again make the state safe for public employee unions to run roughshod over the taxpayers got old pretty quickly.  Neither Barret, nor Falk, nor LaFollete, nor what's her name (It's Vinehout, but don't bother remembering it because it won't matter in two weeks except as a question on the Belling New Year's Quiz), nor Arthur Kohl-Riggs, the Moes look-alike from "The Office" running as a fake Republican had any connection to fiscal or economic reality whatsoever.

Falk and Barret, the only two of the candidates who mattered, both were equally strident in their calls to return public employees to their previously pampered status, and equally evasive in how they were going to pay for it.  Falk kept repeating her mantra of repealing the "Walker Tax Cuts" - which, it should be pointed out, were enacted to repeal taxes passed by Doyle in the last year of his administration, which almost cost this state two major employers, Mercury Marine and Harley-Davidson.  Those taxes included the controversial "combined reporting" tax which would have created new Wisconsin tax liabilities for Wisconsin-based companies for all income earned worldwide - yet another attempt to make Wisconsin businesses less competitive globally.

The best denial of reality, however, had to come from from Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who was lamenting his receipt of a mass layoff notice from one of the city's major employers, mining equipment manufacturer Caterpillar.  He was quick to blame Governor Walker for this and other job losses, but failed to explain exactly how Walker's policies were responsible.  Let's see, what did Governor Walker do that might have harmed the mining equipment industry?  Did he obstruct the construction of a large iron mine in Wisconsin, that would have created thousands of jobs, both directly, and indirectly through sales of mining equipment?  Nope, sorry Mayor Barrett, that was your party, the democrats, who killed the mine, just like it was your party who killed the Keystone pipeline, just like it was your party whose anti-business choke the golden goose strategies have killed or driven off so many other Wisconsin companies, and with them the jobs that support the Wisconsin taxpayers that make the public sector possible.

So Barrett blames Walker for something directly attributable to the democrats in the legislature - and the crowd of unionistas wiggle their fingers occupy-style in glee.  That is what passes for critical thought by the left in Wisconsin - and that's exactly what we saw on display at the Bray Center this evening.

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