April 11, 2012

Obama's Lie.

What happened to the laser like focus on jobs?

All I hear him flapping his gums about is tax fairness.

Obama is outraged that one tax (Capital gains) is less than another tax (Income).   That somehow is not fair in his very narrow mind.

Apparently it is not fair that an orange is not an apple. 

Obama is wasting time and taxpayer money by flying around the country on our dime pretending to do "official" business while instead running for re-election, giving stump speeches and attending big dollar fund raisers that only those people Obama is demonizing can afford to attend.  Class warfare is his only message these days, besides pandering to the 1% to fund his re-election effort..

I guess the laser like focus on jobs is actually a laser like focus on taking money out of the economy to fund his re-election and firing up the masses against the EVIL rich.  An evil rich Obama needs.

April 10, 2012

What will the Buffet Rule do?

The President Emperor Supreme Chancellor is out pushing hard for the "buffet" rule.  As I've said before his argument is dishonest.  He is comparing two different taxes (income and capital gains) as the same thing using old class warfare arguments.  If he wants an increase in capital gains he should just ask for it.

But let us just say that the Supreme Chancellor gets his way, then what?  When you speak in numbers this big a visual reference helps.

The only thing Obama accomplishes with this is stirring up the base by using typical us against them rhetoric. 

I for one am offended that Obama continues to use Buffet as an example but fails to mention the billion + in back taxes Obama's "friend" owes.

H/T Kevin

Guess the number game.


April 9, 2012

MRQ Coffee and jelly beans


crouching by the trap door.  Trog

up-chuckling  Scoff

lying to, cheating, and stealing Kate

how corrupt   Patrick

already been filled.  Egg

had my first crush on a girl  Dan

intervention by space aliens  Wigdy


It was like this when I got here.  Kate

infinitesimally small  Franf

always suspicious  Carrie

WebWit can screw CFR

Chris wants mine!  Web Wit

Coffee and jelly beans.  Cindy

Fred could work for NBC!  Mcpo

I did have to pay Fred Kelly

I have gone yet another week without.  Patrick

never this big.  Pierre


Somehow I doubt Kelly Gallaher and the local leftist occupy rage against the wealthy types will have an issue with this.

Want some bad pizza on a silver plate for $50 grand?

Hypocrisy Hypocrisy.

Hope to Hypocrisy