March 30, 2012

Gretchen Warner's awful record on the School Board and why she signed the Walker Recall

Brian Dey publishes Grecthen Warners Letter to the Editor and his responses:
Brian Dey for RUSD

Comment links and original JTimes pages included.

March 29, 2012

Smart appliances for Stupid consumers?

Hurray, we don't have to dig through our fridges anymore to see if we need milk, eggs or cheese. The fridge will TELL US what we need, as well as report it wirelessly through a complicated home network of monitoring gadgets.

Soon we'll have "smart" wireless stuff to measure how many times we sneeze and tell us to wipe our noses and take a benedryl I think we are truly lost. Who thinks this stupid stuff up, and more importantly, how dumb will we get from living in a bubble of wireless nanny systems tending to our every need? ARRRHHHHHHHHG!

Maybe the creators of this magic wireless vision have seen too many Star Trek re-runs. Ot they see tons of potential to monitor and control a society of helpless idiots. The wireless movers and shakers never checked with the people before planning to deploy smart meters, smart fridges, smart cars, smart RFID chips to implant in everyone, smart toilet paper (I thought up that one, ha ha).

Just how STUPID do they thing people are? How long will we play their stupid virtual games with our REAL LIVES before we just say stop, no, enough already? Well?

March 28, 2012

Assemblyman Bob Turner Retiring!!

Who can we get to run for this seat??  Any ideas?  Corey Mason is going to be running for this seat. There is a person interested in the Mason seat, I'm not sure if he's officially announced yet..So I'll keep it quiet until I get his blessing to blab..  It's an opportunity for us to possibly take out Mason in this district.

March 26, 2012

MRQ gnomes and power tools.


suggested we hook up  Cindy

do as I say.  Dan

I'm socialist  Trog

wishing for death 'Ol Broad

He's Got Nads!  Patrick

absolutely astonishing.  Elliot

open another Leinenkugel  Steve

snarktastic   Egg..

hoping for aliens.  Kevin

can't make the hole any bigger.  Trog

draw me a beer.  Scoff


couldn't be more embarrassed  Dipity

Whatcha doin'?   Franf

proven innocent  Gailann

Ewww!   Wit

listening to local girls.  Pierre

vodka makes you  CFR

starring in an X-Rated Gravelle

totally and completely in love  Bella.

gnomes and power tools.  Jim

going to bed  Holly

Hello, Mr. Zielenski, paging Mr/ Graeme Zielenski.

I can't wait to hear DPW Spokesmouth Graeme Zielenski come out and tell these out of state operative to keep out of Wisconsin politics...

Graeme, come on buddy, don't tell me you are a hypocrite?