March 16, 2012

Obama okays use of "purified human neural stem cell product" for lab tests

Just when you think the lack of respect for human life could not get much lower Obama manages to pull it down below the line we should not cross to a new watermark of degeneracy.

Not very truthy....

It's all about the union....

What about the children?

Somehow all the screaming WEAC commercials fail to mention this.

“Allowing Governor Walker to make such a claim just before a recall election will prove detrimental to recalling him and, therefore, will only enhance his ability to further harm all Wisconsin public employees,”

It is all about the children what we can get.

It is about time that the teachers paid their fair share (of their benefit costs).

March 14, 2012

"We didn't realize it was a violation"

Florida Dem leader must have been sleeping in civics class in her public school.  American flag with the Emperor's picture instead of the stars was made and flown outside a Florida Democrat headquarters until a Korean War Veteran saw it and let her know she was desecrating our US Flag.

After "checking" into it the flag was taken down and the Dem leader says, "But it's not about the flag . . . certain elements cannot accept Obama as their leader".

If this is typical of the Florida Dem leadership we have nothing to worry about in getting all the Florida electoral college votes for whoever the GOP candidate ends up being.

I'd like to find out two things -- where did she get her basic civics teaching about proper flag protocol and what flag company printed this illegal flag in the first place!!

So after bashing Walker and the legislature endlessly...

MTEA comes crawling for help.... 

5 Years has passed...

FYI, it has been 5 years since Chicken Little told us that the polar ice caps would be completely melted.

Reality, my ankles are not even close to wet.

"This is not hate, this is actual facts,"

No, it pretty much is just hate.

Glad to know our President in on the job...

Fuel prices raisig to dangerous levels, lack of jobs, Afghanastan is going nuts....

Obama is on the job making sure the important things are handled first!

March 13, 2012

A few words on the photo ID flap.

If you are surprised that two Madison activist judges have struck down the exceedingly popular photo ID law you have not been paying attention.

These activist jurists will do the will of the left at every oppotunity, ignoring precedent and their own obvious biases that should have led them to recuse themselves.

These cases were always going to be challenged and the decisions of these radical judges will be challenged as well.

I for one am looking forward to the day that these recent decisions get overturned.  I will bask in the schadenfreude of watching the pro vote fraud crowd finally lose their advantage, and their minds.  (What little there is left of them)

March 12, 2012

MRQ really dirty


really dirty  Trog

unflinching  Roland

implausible things do happen  Owen

a lot of crappy shots.  Elliot

the Axis of Powdered Wigs Steve

#%*@^$!!!!  Kevin

For seven hundred bucks, I can get twins Scoff


spooning leads to forking.  Stacey

decided to stand me up.  Gailann  That ain't smart, everyone knows Gailann has LOTS of guns.

I feel old.  Patrick

a kill in the living room.  CFR

a constant annoyance Dipity

meet some hot wrinkly old men  Carrie

I don't care  Holly

infected by an alien zombie  Tom

a perjurer Pierre

beer run Aaron

a bit invasive  Christian

The Left is Terrified of Rush Limbaugh

Gloria "I Hate Conservatives" Allred is going after Rush by requesting the Palm Beach County Attorney's office use an 1883 defamation law against Rush for "questioning a women's chastity".

The Looney Left must really be terrified of Rush's ability to influence things to HATE him soooo much that they can't wait for an opportunity to try to take him out.

The Lame Street Media's double standard is sickening beyond belief as they grasp at any little straw to counter the truth from conservatives.

I do however give them credit for one thing -- they are extremely good (with the help of the media) at finding ways to deflect the news content away from the Emperor's past three years TOTAL FAILURE to do ANYTHING positive for our country.